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Think you’re far superior to the likes of Wenger, Ferguson and Benitez? Have you conquered FM 09 and battered the AI computer teams into submission? Well if you think that you do rule the roost when it comes to Football Manager and you’re looking to showcase your credentials to a worldwide community of your FM peers then FM Live may just be for you.

I have to admit that the thought of playing FM Live has never really appealed to me. That’s probably because I’ve never been a fan of paying subscription fees in all walks of life but I can certainly see the merit for those that have plumped for Sports Interactive’s latest piece of handiwork.

FM Live was released to the world in November 2008 and a boxed version of the game has since been launched in January of this year. While the fundamentals of the hugely successful Football Manager titles translate over, FM Live is a significantly different football management simulation that offers a unique online gaming experience.

Think fantasy football mixed with an assortment of the key aspects that make Football Manager such an enjoyable game. You will still be presented with the now rather infamous 2d match-engine for instance and the tactical sliders still remain, although various tactical options and management skills first have to be unlocked if you are to fulfil your destiny as the world’s greatest manager.

Yet the fundamental difference between FML and the Football Manager series is the way the game is actually played. Instead of starting out with Manchester United or Liverpool in the Premier League, you come up with your own imaginative team name and you are then assigned to a game world with potentially thousands of other players from across the globe. You are then prompted to select a team from the extensive database of real-life players and hey presto, your FML experience has commenced.

Amongst the array of features that make FML a tempting proposition, an eBay style transfer system that enables users to put players up for auction where anticipation builds as the seconds tick away and your £10 million bid remains the highest.

And now for the verdict. Well if you’re looking for endless hours of fun with or without your mates then a trip to the local pub FML will prove just the ticket.

I would suggest that if you’re sick of waiting for FM 2010 and you’ve a few quid going spare then head over to the FML site and get signed up, if only for a few months at least.

FM Live Trailer (Video):