Football Manager 2013 is on the way

Football Manager 2013
Football Manager 2013

A new overwhelming and time-dissolving life distraction is just on the horizon, as the latest and improved version of Football Manager, 2013, is set to be released by Sega and Sports Interactive before Christmas. Are you up to the challenge? Can you get a misfiring Liverpool back into the top four? Are you the man, woman or child to replace Sir Alex Ferguson after 25 momentous years at Old Trafford? Can you take Carlisle and make them European champions six years in a row? All tests that face you in upcoming months (and years).

Football Manager is the most addictive, spell-bounding and joyous activity known to us football fans, and has played its part in shaping a generation of supporters of the beautiful game. Everyone (anyone worth their salt) can boast of their adventures in directing a combative Yeovil team to Premier League glory, winning the World Cup with Oman or selling all Manchester United’s players and getting them relegated to non-League football just to see what happens next.

The latest offering of Football Manager is set to revolutionise the way we waste away cherish hours, days and months of our lives, with a raft of additional features sure to captivate the newcomer and the hardened enthusiast alike. In a recent press conference the sheer geniuses that have created the game revealed that a number of new things were set to blow our tiny little minds.

Given the increasing influence of a chain of command in European football, the FM team have installed the director of football position; hand over negotiating responsibilities to the man upstairs or delegate other tasks that you can’t be bothered doing; you have new players to find for goodness sake. Just be careful that you don’t give too much power to the man that is supposed to help you, or he could Dennis Wise you out of a job.

Other notable additions are significant improvements in the match engine, with the pitch, stadium, player movements and flight of the ball more realistic to make you really feel that you are on the bench at Camp Nou or San Siro. Other exciting news includes the introduction of a new way to conduct loan deals, a brand new training system, improved international management, more in-depth press conferences (don’t lie – you have been conducting press conferences in your head in previous editions) and a new user interface. I literally cannot wait.

The Classic mode means that you can streamline your Football Manager experience and push through a season in approximately eight hours of play (to get to the transfer window quicker). Other less exciting things have been added too, like the addition of taxes and the incorporation of the South Sudan national side; it is your job to get them to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

A release date has not been divulged as yet, but good things come to those who wait and we are assured that it will be available to the common man and woman before Christmas. You can pre-order your copy of the game at, which comes available for PC, Apple Mac and handheld devices so you can still play regardless of location.

So, that job promotion that you have just been offered – turn it down. You now have your dream job managing your boyhood football team. Girlfriends, boyfriends, holidays, family, eating, socialising and sleeping can all be parted with – you have a new calling in life – it is Football Manager 2013.

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