Ferdinand kicks ball, ball hits and hurts Manchester United fan (video)

I reported on this earlier (the Manchester United vs Blackburn game) as well.

The incident happened early in the second half, when Manchester United were a goal down at Old Trafford on Saturday and the whole team was piling into the Blackburn penalty area.

Ferdinand was near the edge of the Blackburn penalty area when Ronaldo passed him the ball (and proceeded to tangle and fall down with a Blackburn player without either of them touching each other). Rio turns around (it’s worth watching just to see Rio’s ball skills) and dribbles the ball into the Blackburn penalty area before the ref blows the whistle.

Manchester United players were pretty frustrated by that point, and Rio wildly kicked the ball to the stands. It hit a female fan in the head (as far as I can make out) and it was good to see that in between swearing at the ref Rio apologised immediately. He also went back twice to say sorry, and reports say that he personally went and met the fan after the game and gave them his shirt.

An unfortunate incident, made memorable only by the fact that Rio Ferdinand was waltzing into Blackburn’s penalty area with the ball at his feet and could probably have had a shot on goal. I’d pay money to see him take on that Blackburn defender 🙂

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