Cesc Fabregas pulls on a Barca shirt. Well, not exactly…

Celebrating their first star over the Spanish emblem last night, Pepe Reina of Liverpool called Cesc Fabregas of Arselona Arsenal for something Spanish. Before Reina was done with Cesc, Gerard Pique and Carles Puyol jumped on him and forced a Barcelona shirt on him.

Reina didn’t help but he did make sure that the shirt stayed on for a while. And I don’t know Spanish that much but I think Reina said something about “Barca” and “Espana” before crying out “Cesc”.

Note: This is something that was a joke between the players. This should not be taken seriously. Fabregas is a teammate of both Puyol and Pique, they have every right to pull a joke on him. Arsenal fans, RELAX!

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