Capello: Real Madrid wanted Raul Out

Fabio Capello was almost walked to the border of Spain and shoved onto the flight that leaves for Italy almost as soon as Real Madrid has clinched their first Spanish championship title in four years last season but the Italian has never been out of the news in Spain.

He writes a weekly column for Spain’s best selling sports daily, Marca, and in this week’s column he has brought a one-year old skeleton out of the closet.

In his column, the former Real Madrid and Juventus manager has claimed that it was he who saved Raul’s career at Real Madrid when at the start of the season he dissuaded club President Ramon Calderon from offloading the player. Capello appears to have been the Messiah for Raul when his wretched form for more than two years had had the Real Madrid board believing that they were harboring a broken ship that would never set sail again.

This is what Capello wrote in his column about the affair:

When I took over as coach of Madrid for the second time for the 2006-07 season it appeared that the main priority was to loan out Raúl. Why? Well, the first reason was his age and then the huge salary he earned in comparison with his performances on the pitch.

In my first meeting with the president and technical staff I expressed my doubts about what they had told me. I said that supporting a player who was almost 30 with his class and his personality was fundamental for the team.

So the truth is out. Or is it really the truth? It would be almost insane for Capello to make wrong accusations in a pro-Madrid sport daily and one can safely say that there is a considerable chunk of truth in Capello’s words. While this should make for good gossip, Raul’s resurgence in form points to a reconciliation at the very least.

Raul has been at the club since 14 and has gradually become the King of Spain when it comes to football. Besides being a record goal scorer both for cub and country and both in La Liga and in the UEFA Champions League, Raul is the heart and soul of Real Madrid and a firm favorite among the Real supporters.

The whole thing also needs to be seen in context of what Calderon recently said about Capello not being suited to managing a national team, considering that Capello is the most vocal candidate for the England job. Capello getting back at his former bosses?

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