Betmaid Review: World-Class football research in your pocket


So you’re out at the pub, pint in hand, and Manchester United are winning on the tube. You’re a betting man, but between nursing your drink, chatting with your mates and keeping your less-than-impressed girlfriend happy; you just haven’t the time to start trawling the web for all the odds and stats – the first port of call for all football gamblers.

That’s where Betmaid comes in. Available on your desktop or mobile on Android and iOS; Betmaid covers every live football game, accumulating all the top stats from corners and shots on target to possession and cards dealt out, keeping you completely up to date on how every game is going, all in real time, without the endless stress of researching in-play stats.

Simply download the app, sign up for your free 7-day trial, and you’re ready to roll. Betmaid allows you to set up personalised alerts based on your custom criteria that will alert you to games that meet that criteria in real time.

To put it simply, Betmaid takes your chosen criteria – shots on target and dangerous attacks for example – and applies it to football matches happening worldwide. When matches meet your criteria, Betmaid sends you an alert, giving you the chance to place a bet having done none of the leg work. By filtering out hundreds of matches, Betmaid provides only the cream of betting opportunities that apply to your betting needs.

If South African side Mamelodi Sundowns meet your criteria in a CAF Champions League match, Betmaid will immediately let you know. The same way as if Crystal Palace are on top against Watford. The beauty of Betmaid is that no match is missed, no matter how far flung or obscure.

The vast majority of punters have no clue what is happening in the second-tier of the Malaysian league or of the betting opportunities therein – but with Betmaid, you will.

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Betmaid alerts are not only great for outright wins, but also a whole host of other odds. Say you’ve set up the ‘Half Time Win’ alert on your mobile and Torino, who are expected to lose against AC Milan in their Serie A match, have scored early against their illustrious opponents, are well on top in terms of possession and are lining up to take pot shots at the beleaguered keeper. With your criteria met, the alert will flag, giving you the chance to grab the best odds at the best possible time.

Take the ‘Visitors Revival’ alert. Brilliant when teams that go behind start to show real signs of an impending comeback, with the alert highlighting genuine betting opportunities without you having to follow proceedings.

‘Form and odds’ is also a great alert to set up. If a team is on a four-match winning streak and on top in their next match, you’ll be informed immediately via an alert, no matter where they are in the footballing world.


Live odds are also provided by Betmaid, and their dedicated Facebook page is constantly updated so as to give their burgeoning community all the help they need, be it guidance on general betting or explanations of the different alert criteria.

Betmaid have a number of sample alerts that will help you get to grips with this unique system. There’s Goals Goals Goals (when a team scores early and there’s signs of more to come), Home Comeback (the home side have started strong but have conceded against the run of play), and Team Dominating (one side is well on top but the score is yet to reflect their dominance).

All three are highlighted in the starter pack and are there to help you adjust to the Betmaid way of thinking.

So if you’re that guy, in the pub with a pint, and are looking for the best way to keep abreast of all the live football stats, Betmaid is ready to wait on you hand and foot by delivering the best bets right to your phone.

Download Betmaid free either for Android or from the iTunes store

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