What do salad cream, a pen knife and TV remote have in common? Answer: an injured footballer

Most football injuries occur as a result of an untimely connection between boot and bone. But Mario Balotelli’s grass allergy served as a reminder of bizarre setbacks suffered by other players – with no meaty challenge in sight…

It turns out Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli is allergic to certain types of grass – kind of unfortunate for someone who comes into contact with the green stuff on a regular basis.

But Balotelli isn’t the only player to suffer an unrelated illness or injury away from the pitch.

Salad cream scream

Former Chelsea keeper Dave Beasant severed a tendon in his big toe while trying to bring a jar of salad cream under control in his kitchen. In his defence, at least he got a hand to it.

Endorsing the widely held view all keepers are a Robbie short of a Take That reunion, England trio Chris Woods, David James and David Seaman all came up with bizarre ways of getting out of playing.

Woods inadvertently cut his finger open with a pen knife after trying to cut the cord on his tracksuit bottoms – losing his place in the England side in the process.

While James and Seaman both suffered at the hands of a pesky TV remote (I kid you not).

Plastic predators

James strained his back reaching for the gadget while Seaman missed half a season after suffering knee ligament damage when he stooped to pick up his control.

Believe it or not, Robbie Keane has twice fallen foul of a television remote. The Irishman ruptured knee cartilage early in his career while stretching for the device and several years later injured an ankle after standing on a similar contraption.

Top of the table woe for Rio

Rio Ferdinand also suffered a TV-related problem during his time at Leeds. Resting his foot on a coffee table for several hours while watching telly, he somehow managed to strain a tendon.

Meanwhile, Manchester City’s Jerome Boateng must have thought he was safe from injury as he relaxed on a flight back to the UK from Copenhagen. That was until a careless air stewardess clattered into him with a drinks trolley, aggravating a knee problem.

For most sporting injuries, doctors would recommend bed rest, physio and a daily dose of glucosamine to ease their achy joints. But with the bad luck of these hapless warriors, they’re probably safer on the pitch, than off!

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