WATCH: West Ham Players Defend Friends and Family from AZ Alkmaar Fans in Wild Soccer Crowd Brawl


The jubilation surrounding West Ham United’s triumph in the Europa Conference League semifinal was marred by a violent clash between the club’s players and enraged AZ Alkmaar fans. Following their 1-0 victory against the Dutch side, securing their first European final appearance since 1976, West Ham players found themselves caught in a brawl after a group of AZ supporters targeted the reserved section where friends and family of the Premier League stars were seated.

Chaos Erupts as AZ Alkmaar Fans Target West Ham Contingent

As the final whistle sounded, exuberant celebrations filled the air, both on the pitch and in the stands as West Ham made it to their first European final in nearly 50 years. However, the joyous atmosphere quickly turned sour when a section of AZ Alkmaar supporters breached a fence and launched an assault on the West Ham contingent.

Fists flew, and tensions reached a boiling point as players, including captain Declan Rice, bravely stepped in to shield their loved ones.

Prompt Intervention and Restoration of Calm

Acting swiftly, the police and stewards rushed to the scene to prevent further altercations and restore order. Within approximately 10 minutes, authorities managed to regain control and pacify the volatile situation. While no arrests were made at the scene, Dutch police confirmed an ongoing investigation to identify the supporters involved in the attack.

David Moyes’ Concern for the Safety of Loved Ones

Expressing deep concern for his own family’s safety, West Ham manager David Moyes shed light on the gravity of the situation, particularly highlighting the vulnerability of players’ families and friends.

“We’ll need to wait for the dust to settle to see what it is but the biggest problem is that is the area where the players have all their families in,” he said. “That is where the problem came, and a lot of players were getting angry because they couldn’t get to see if they were OK.

“Was I worried? Yeah, my family were there and I had friends in that section. You’re hoping they would try to get themselves away from it.”

Moyes stopped short of criticizing his players for getting involved, and rightly so.

Reactions from Players and Coaching Staff

Pablo Fornals, the goal scorer in the crucial match, voiced his apprehension regarding the well-being of his teammates’ families. He called for swift police action to identify the culprits responsible for the violence, stating, “Hopefully, everyone is OK and the police can do their job and realize who did it.”

Other players echoed Fornals’ sentiments, emphasizing the significance of ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for families and fans attending matches.

AZ Alkmaar Expresses Regret and Condemns the Incident

In response to the distressing events, AZ Alkmaar coach Pascal Jansen expressed remorse and condemned the violent behavior displayed by a faction of their fans. Jansen expressed his shame, stating, “Such a beautiful evening, such a great atmosphere, I really enjoyed it until the final whistle. What happened after that, I find very sad and a pity.”

He emphasized the need to exercise control over emotions during such occasions and called for collective responsibility.

UEFA to Review Official Reports

European football’s governing body, UEFA, refrained from providing immediate comments, citing the need to review official reports from the match officials and delegates before taking further action. Given the gravity of the incident and its potential consequences, AZ Alkmaar may face stiff disciplinary measures from UEFA.

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