SquadGod Week 9: An Ode To Crap Managers

What does your fantasy football team and England have in common?

While you figure that one out (I jest, I jest), here’s a look at the top 10 managers vying for the $500 prize in Soccerlens Fantasy Football:

Top 10

  1. Taron, 1070
  2. Vebor, 1056
  3. Dinko, 1041
  4. Al Nino, 1030
  5. ATIHY, 1028
  6. LOK16, 1022
  7. jimmyriddler, 1015
  8. Statto, 1010
  9. llango, 1005
  10. RedGlory, 1001

Some new names there; proof that if you fall upon the right formula, you can still make a run for the top spot (although if you’re stuck below 800 at this point, you need to shape up FAST).

Taron has slipped to #20 in the overall rankings – all I can say is that he’s taking it too easy, although the top guy, with 1352 points, is almost 150 points clear of everyone else and will take some beating.

Watch out for today’s Prem Predictions, keep an eye on the matchups and make the changes accordingly. One word of advice though – make sure that you check your squad for injured players and do not, under any circumstances, pick players who want to quit their clubs (Drogba, yes, the answer is Drogba) or players who are not fit to start for their national team (Lamps). Their time will come, it’s just not right now.

It’s still October, and Taron is not Chelsea or Manchester United – he can be overtaken, you guys just have to get your shit together 🙂

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