SquadGod Week 5

Hello and welcome to our weekly Fantasy Football update. The prize is $500, there are 221 competitors and already we have quite a stiff competition brewing.

Let’s look at the top 10 for last week, but before I do that I must make a special request.

Vote for Soccerlens

As you guys must know by now, Soccerlens was nominated for the Bloggers Choice Awards for the Best Sports Blog. There’s no money involved in it, just bragging rights (think of it as a prick-waving contest). As of this moment, Soccerlens are #2 on the charts (thanks to the fervent voting from SL readers) and we’re not far away from overtaking the top site.

I urge you to take out 2 minutes from your day to sign up and vote for Soccerlens. And if you could tell your friends too, that would be much appreciated.

Arite then, once you’ve voted, let’s get to the top 10 players this week from Soccerlens Fantasy Football.

Top 10

    1. Taron, 694


    1. jimmyriddler, 690


    1. Al Nino, 656


    1. Dinko, 633


    1. ATIHY, 633


    1. harlee, 612


    1. Vebor, 605


    1. manutd7411, 603


    1. LOK16, 600


    Chicago Sting, 595

Props to jimmyriddler for a massive 167 points in the last week which helped him come neck to neck with Taron, and also to our readers Liam O’Kelly (LOK16) and manutd7411, both of whom got 155 points and jumped into the top 10. Vebor got 141, so he did quite well too.

In the overall rankings, Taron slipped to #4 while jimmyriddler jumped in at #7. Hopefully these two can push up the rankings and others from our group can break into the top 10 as well.


Make sure you check out the SquadGod stats page to get a closer look at players’ performances this season before picking them for your team.

When you log in to your SquadGod dashboard you’ll see a questionnaire – SG is using your feedback to improve the game, so please take out some time and fill it up.

Also, remember to vote for SL.

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