SquadGod Week 4.2: Stats, Tips and Standings

Also see our Weekend Predictions.

We’re back with Premier League football and seeing as there’s little time left for you to conduct your transfers for the week, let’s get a jump ahead with some tips and a look at the current points table.

Top 10

  1. Taron, 572
  2. Al Nino, 527
  3. jimmyriddler, 523
  4. ATIHY, 517
  5. harlee, 508
  6. Dinko, 494
  7. skippytrip, 487
  8. PaulAg, 485
  9. llango, 481
  10. ruskingtonspurs, 476

Taron is also 3rd overall in the SquadGod standings – nice going mate.

Players to Pick

Michael Owen is on good form and he’ll be going up against Derby on Monday, so him (and any other Newcastle player) is a sure bet to get some points from the game.

Cristiano Ronaldo is back from suspension, so all you Manchester United fans should hustle over and pick him in your squad.

Wayne Rooney will take a bit longer, and you’d want to wait a couple of games before bringing him in your team. At the moment there are slightly better striking options available – Torres and Anelka being two of them, although

You can drop Paul Robinson (and Tim Howard is injured) – although if you have Robert Green, stick by him for a while longer.

Barry and Milner should be good picks for midfield (along with Ronnie) if you’re looking for midfielders. I would have said Stevie G but I’m betting anyone who has him loves him and anyone who doesn’t have him hates Liverpool and wouldn’t consider switching, even for the sake of winning.

Make sure you to read our weekend predictions for a more detailed look at the matches coming up.


1. If you’re still playing 4-4-2, it’s time to stop – playing 3 strikers gives you a greater chance of picking players who score more goals and goals get you the most points, in case you haven’t been paying attention. It costs a free transfer (as you have to swap a midfielder for a striker) but it’s worth it.

2. This one from Red Ranter – pick only fullbacks as your defenders. They pick up more points thanks to their assists, pick up the clean sheet bonus and still count as defenders. It might mean dropping the mighty Terry or Carragher from your team – on the plus side it means you can spend more money on a top keeper or top strikers. So pick Patrice Evra if you’re adventurous.

3. Before picking a player (or dropping one), make sure to look at their stats so far for the season (see next section).

Detailed Player Statistics

The peeps at SquadGod have outdone themselves – I always knew that they were bringing out a stats package but I didn’t know it would be this good.

Have a look at the SG Stats page – and then click on any single player’s name to get more details.

See what I mean?

There are other additions as well (ability to filter players by club and surname), and I’ve been told that they’ll be making these stats available to partner websites in a couple of months as soon as their dev team puts down the crack pipe and gets back to work. Good luck with that…


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