SquadGod Week 4: Waiting on Ronaldo and Rooney

The best thing about the 10 day international break is that star players will get time to heal their injuries.

For Liverpool fans, there’s a genuine worry that Gerrard will be pushed by McClaren to play for England and as a result will be unfit to play for Liverpool next weekend.

For Manchester United fans though, the break is a blessing because it gives Saha and Rooney more time to get fit. The only concern for United would be whether Ronaldo comes out of the break unscathed or not – it would be terrible for him to pick up an injury after missing 3 games through suspension.

Top 10

  1. Taron, 572
  2. Al Nino, 527
  3. jimmyriddler, 523
  4. ATIHY, 517
  5. harlee, 508
  6. Dinko, 494
  7. skippytrip, 487
  8. PaulAg, 485
  9. llango, 481
  10. ruskingtonspurs, 476

Taron is also 3rd overall in the SquadGod standings – nice going mate, best for a United fan to win, eh? 🙂

For those of you looking to bring Ronaldo back into the team, WAIT till next friday, so we know that he’s uninjured. Otherwise, it would be quite ridiculous to waste a free transfer. In fact, I’d hold on all transfers until next friday.

Unless you have Paul Robinson, in which case ditch him regardless – with the Arsenal game coming up, he’s toast.

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