SquadGod Week 3

A quick look at SL fantasy football and after the first month or so, I think it’s clear to say that Taron, a United fan who picked his team from clubs he hated, is comfortably top of the table, and he’s 6th overall in the SquadGod standings (so you don’t win an ipod mate but you’re in the running for there big prize at the end of the season).

Everyone else, I guess it’s time to buckle down and get some good signings in – you’ve already seen how the season is shaping up plus with the transfer window ending Friday night you should have a clear picture of who’s playing for who before the Saturday morning deadline that SG gives you.

Top 10 (overall)

1. Taron, 433
2. DDG, 389
3. jimmyriddler, 389
4. Chuiku2, 383
5. skippytrip, 377
6. irishlad, 355
7. Dinko, 354
8. ATIHY, 350
9. harlee, 349
10. ruskingtonspurs, 345

For a full listing, see the leaderboard.

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