Saviola swaps Barcelona for Madrid

From the Barcelona blog:

New Real Madrid coach Bernd Schuster has confirmed that ex-blaugrana Javier Saviola has agreed to sign for Real Madrid. Saviola left Barça as a free agent and Madrid therefore will not have to pay a penny for him.

Saviola has been at Barça for the last 6 seasons though he did spend time on loan to Sevilla and Monaco. Last season he had few opportunities to play and the refusal of Barça to renew his contract under the same conditions led to his inevitable departure. It remains to be seen if he will have more chances wearing the white shirt of Madrid.

Saviola swaps Barcelona for Madrid

Madrid have also signed two central defenders this week. Cristoph Metzelder from Borussia Dortmund, and Porto’s Pepe who has cost a whopping €30million.

Barça are still trying to come to an agreement for Gabi Milito but Zaragoza are refusing to drop their asking price, so negotiations are continuing. It still seems highly likely that he will sign eventually but it may take longer than originally believed.

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