Ronaldinho, Chelsea and Barcelona

The biggest news in the transfer circles is the surprising rumour that Chelsea are after Barcelona’s Ronaldinho.

The rumour seems to be another product of the Spanish media, and it caused Barcelona, already under criticism for their opening-day draw at home, to issue a denial and categorically stating that Ronaldinho was not for sale.

We could be naive and believe whatever we read, but with 3-4 days to go, there’s hardly any point of Chelsea making a move for Ronaldinho now, is there? Chelsea have traditionally conducted their transfer business early and gotten done with it unless the other party creates too many obstacles (Essien, Alves) and if they had been interested in Ronny this would have come out a lot earlier – as it was, it has been Milan and not Chelsea who have been after Ronaldinho.

Although, if anyone remembers, Ronaldinho was close to a move to Manchester United in 2003 – and at no point was the prospect of playing in English conditions a problem, so at least we can say that he’d be willing to come to England.

Does Ronaldinho need a new challenge? It may be too late this summer to do anything about it.

As an aside, Ronaldinho recently received his Spanish citizenship.

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