Ravens Players Don’t Want To See Lamar Jackson Leave: ‘You can’t let a guy like him go’

Lamar Jackson
Lamar Jackson

Having just lost to the Bengals in a Wildcard Playoff match, the Baltimore players have made it very clear they don’t want to let their franchise QB leave during the off-season. 

Its was a heartbreaking loss for the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday night, as the Bengals managed to advance to the Divisional game after a narrow 24-17 win in Cincinnati.

One of the main reasons that the Ravens were even able to make the playoffs was thanks to their star quarterback Lamar Jackson. Jackson has been an inspiration for Baltimore since he took over as starter from Joe Flacco in 2018 and the superstar hasn’t looked back since.

It is largely thanks to Jackson that the Ravens have boasted such a good regular season record over the past few years, as the 26-year old has helped the side to four playoff trips in five seasons.

But with the regular season coming to an end, the rumour mill begins to turn, with many saying that Jackson could be moving on from Baltimore after this season. The star QB laughed away the rumours on Twitter shortly after they circled however.

The Ravens players have certainly made it clear what they think of their franchise qb leaving and it’s fair to say they weren’t impressed. Ravens defensive end Calais Campbell spoke to ESPN during a final locker room interview on Sunday and was adamant that Jackson should stay on.

“You can’t let a guy like him go.

“There’s always some new, exciting kid that has potential to go out there and be great. But this is a business of ‘for sures’ and ‘knowns,’ and you know who Lamar Jackson is. I think it’s in the best interest of the Ravens organisation to give him a long-term contract and make him ‘the guy.'”

The Ravens will have a difficult job of keeping Jackson this Summer, as many teams are likely to offer the superstar a deal, with the Patriots current favourites at +450 with most bookmakers to sign the Ravens star.

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