Pelé or Ronaldo? Emirates pose impossible question with new clip

Pelé or Ronaldo? Emirates pose impossible question with new clip

Right. Here we are, stuck in a confined space, unable to leave for hours, faced with a conundrum that would surely baffle the most sure-footed of football masterminds.

Yes, we're cruising above the clouds in a luxury Emirates A380, comfortably seated in the plane's on-board lounge, looking right at Portuguese captain Cristiano Ronaldo and Brazilian legend Pelé.

The question? Who comes out on top in your list of best ever players, and moreover, who would be your first port of call for a photo and autograph?

Pele fighting a losing battle with the barmaid, we think….

Well, this is the very question Emirates have tried to answer with two All Time Greats.

As Official Partner of the FIFA World Cup since 2006, the airline have announced that Real Madrid 'demi-god' Ronaldo is to become their latest global ambassador, joining the irrepressible Pelé.

What better way to celebrate the coming together of two of football's biggest names than with a short sketch on board their flagship aircraft, with the pair unwittingly pitted against each other for the affection of the shell-shocked passengers?

Ronaldo seems a good sport, showing off that trademark wink, all the while throwing cheeky grins haphazardly around the cabin.

Pelé seems a little drunk to us, and with such a lavish bar and inviting bar staff, who could blame him! An effortless pro, the 73-year-old need only chuckle to match his Portuguese counterpart in the eyes of the gawping fans.

But it doesn't really answer our question. Who would come out on top on the pitch, were their careers synced up, and would players like Messi or Maradona trump the pair?

They say that a true test of footballing greatness is your performance in the biggest tournament on the planet, the FIFA World Cup. With that in mind, the old greats beat the young pretenders up until now, with Pelé and Maradona both setting the bar for the likes of Messi and Ronaldo to better.

Neither have been able to take a World Cup by the scruff of the neck, but with Brazil 2014 only a few months away, the record books could well be rewritten, if the two best players in the world live up to their billing. Bring on the summer!

What do you think? Who is the better? Pelé or Ronaldo? Watch the Emirates video, join in the twitter debate using #AllTimeGreats and Let me know in the comments below… 

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