No Inter move for Essien, says Scolari

Jose Mourinho won’t be able to do any poaching of at least one of his former Chelsea players, as Luiz Felipe Scolari says that Inter or anyone else won’t get their hands on Michael Essien.

Essien’s Ghanaian compatriot Sulley Muntari left Portsmouth for Inter in the summer, and he wants Essien to join him in Milan, but Scolari has told Inter, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and everyone in between that Essien is a Chelsea man and will stay one.

Essien is currently laid up for a while with an ACL injury suffered in international action in September, but once he’s back to fitness, he should be a key part of Chelsea’s hopes of wrestling back the Premier League title from Manchester United.

Chelsea may be in a position where they do have to sell off a few players if they want to keep up with the Joneses, but Essien won’t be one of those players that gets sacrificed. If he wants to leave, that’s another story entirely.

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