Nistelrooy? Spurs? Arsenal? Why not?

If you believe all the rumors out there, Ruud van Nistelrooy alone is the target of every other Premier League club. Wages are pretty big and Real Madrid have so many other options like Raul, Karim Benzema and Gonzalo Higuain. But the question is, is he going to come back to Premier League and is he worth the money?

Then again, the clubs are not prepared to spend a fortune on him either, which is indeed the right thing to do. He is probably not going to get £130,000 a week contract again. Lets face it, he 33 years old and facing the end of his career but yeah, his record for Manchester United was quite unbelievable; 95 league goals in 137 starts, which is just phenomenal and probably better than Thierry Henry, Michael Owen and even Alan Shearer.

But! … Can he recreate all that? I don’t think so, but he can be a good impact player in any side he decides to join.

Money might not be the only problem with Nistelrooy. When he left United, everyone was shocked and all but there were statements that suggested that Alex Ferguson had spotted a little bit of attitude problem developing in him and that was the reason United had to let him go. Back then, he was 28 and he was on the top of his game.

Was Fergie right? Did he really have that attitude problem? If he did, it could have developed over the time he spent in Spain or maybe it will come back when he comes back to the Premier League. There sure are a number of question marks dangling above Nistelrooy’s return to the Premier League.

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