– Unlimited Fantasy Football

With the Champions League just around the corner you now have the chance to flex your football muscles and show Alex Ferguson who the real boss is by competing in the Champions League tournament on

If that’s not enough for you then plenty more challenges await in the 11 other leagues available on the site, giving you the chance to become top dog in each and every one of Europe’s premier top flight competitions.


    • You can compete in up to 12 leagues.


    • 60.000 EUR prize pool.


    • A completely LIVE gaming experience with:
      – LIVE scoring and point updating on every match
      – LIVE updating of manager rankings


    • FAIR-PLAY rules:
      – Every manager has the same team budget in each round.
      – You have an unlimited number of changes available to you between each round.
      – You have to submit an 11-player team round by round.


    • 2-3 rounds long winning periods:
      – Because of this it’s worth joining the game any time, no matter how far we are into the season.
      – Prizes are allocated among the first 20 places of the winning sections in each league, which are between 2 and 3 rounds of matches.


    • Special Features:
      – Nations League: you can submit 11 players of the same nationality and create your own national dream team – it’s the Magic11 World Cup involving club matches from the 8 national leagues.
      – Magic11 League: you can submit a team of 11 players from any of the players featured in the Top 4 national leagues: ENG, ITA, ESP, GER
      – KO-Cups
      – Dream teams
      – Nightmare teams
      – Most popular teams
      – Biorhythm teams


Magic11 is chock-full of useful features, many that you won’t find in the more ‘common’ fantasy football applications. Give Magic11 a spin and tell us what you think. We’ve set up aSoccerlens CL private league to help you get started.

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