Is Lionel Messi Really THAT Good?

To start off, yes he is. Now, let me show you exactly why:

Lionel Messi has scored more goals than any other player in the top five European leagues over the last 12 months – 31 in La Liga and 9 in the UEFA Champions League. This season so far, he has scored twice in the three league games as well as a Champions League brace against Panathinaikos.

He has also improved his shooting accuracy – I was shocked to read that a player as good as Messi can improve too – from 66% in the 2009/2010 season to 77% now.

The Argentine has completed 88% of the 98 passes he has attempted and he was successful with 63% of his dribbles. In the 5-1 romp in their opening Champions League game against Panathinaikos at the Nou Camp, he fired 7 shots on target in the game. That is more than any other player in a Champions League game since Andriy Shevchenko hit eight in a single match in November 2005 while playing for AC Milan. He had a penalty saved in that game, for the record.

Anyways, like I said, Lionel Messi really is ‘THAT’ good.

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