Euro 2012 Fixtures

The 2012 European Championship kicks off tomorrow in Poland as Group A’s teams face off against each other. If you’re looking for a quick update on the key facts and figures (not to mention the history of the Euros), make sure you look at our Euro 2012 infographic.

Our Euro 2012 news section brings you plenty more – from information on the host cities and stadiums to the latest FIFA rankings, squad updates, breaking news, injury news, tactical analysis and down to the football shirts the 16 teams will be wearing and, as per custom, a close look at the beautiful side of football at the Euros as well.

Here’s your guide to watching Euro 2012:

Poland, Greece, Russia, Czech Republic

Holland, Denmark, Germany, Portugal

Spain, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Croatia

Ukraine, Sweden, France, England

Friday, June 8
Warsaw, Group A: Poland v Greece (1700)
Wroclaw, Group A: Russia v Czech Republic (1945)

Saturday, June 9
Kharkiv, Group B: Holland v Denmark (1700)
Lviv, Group B: Germany v Portugal (1945)

Sunday, June 10
Gdansk, Group C: Spain v Italy (1700)
Poznan, Group C: Republic of Ireland v Croatia (1945)

Monday, June 11
Donetsk, Group D: France v England (1700)
Kiev, Group D: Ukraine v Sweden (1945)

Tuesday, June 12
Wroclaw, Group A: Greece v Czech Republic (1700)
Warsaw, Group A: Poland v Russia (1945)

Wednesday, June 13
Lviv, Group B: Denmark v Portugal (1700)
Kharkiv, Group B: Holland v Germany (1945)

Thursday, June 14
Poznan, Group C: Italy v Croatia (1700)
Gdansk, Group C: Spain v Republic of Ireland (1945)

Friday, June 15
Kiev, Group D: Sweden v England (1700)
Donetsk, Group D: Ukraine v France (1945)

Saturday, June 16
Wroclaw, Group A: Czech Republic v Poland (1945)
Warsaw, Group A: Greece v Russia (1945)

Sunday, June 17
Kharkiv, Group B: Portugal v Holland (1945)
Lviv, Group B: Denmark v Germany (1945)

Monday, June 18
Gdansk, Group C: Croatia v Spain (1945)
Poznan, Group C: Italy v Republic of Ireland (1945)

Tuesday, June 19
Donetsk, Group D: England v Ukraine (1945)
Kiev, Group D: Sweden v France (1945)


Thursday, June 21
QF1: Warsaw: Winner A v Runner-up B (1945)

Friday, June 22
QF2: Gdansk: Winner B v Runner-up A (1945)

Saturday, June 23
QF3: Donetsk: Winner C v Runner-up D (1945)

Sunday, June 24
QF4: Kiev: Winner D v Runner-up C (1945)


Wednesday, June 27
SF1: Donetsk: Winner QF1 v Winner QF3 (1945)

Thursday, June 28
SF2: Warsaw: Winner QF2 v Winner QF4 (1945)

Sunday, July 1

Kiev: Winner SF1 v Winner SF2 (1945)

* All times BST

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