Euro 2008 free-kick and penalty takers

“Set Pieces: for and against – ignore them at your peril”, so said former England manager Graham Taylor in a quote immortalised in the 1994 documentary – Do I Not Like that.

The same could be said for a gambler looking to bet on Euro 2008 – which teams do what and who does it for them are key snippets of information. Firstly – who takes penalties ? Secondly – who takes direct free-kicks from scoring positions around the edge of the box.

To the best of my knowledge and research, the answers are below, but if you know different – share the knowledge and maybe we’ll all share some wealth with those first goalscorer bets!

Austria:Pens – Linz, FKs – Ivanschitz
Croatia: Pens – Srna, FKs – Srna
Germany: Pens – Ballack, FKs – Ballack
Poland: Pens – Zurawski, FKs – Smolarek
Czech Republic: Pens – Koller, FKs – Jankulovski
Portugal: Pens – Simao, FKs – Ronaldo
Switzerland: Pens – Frei FKs – Barnetta
Turkey: Pens – Nihat, FKs – Nihat
Italy: Pens – Pirlo,FKs – Pirlo
France: Pens – Ribery, FKs – Henry
Netherlands:Pens – van Nistelrooy, FKs – Sneijder
Romania: Pens – Mutu,FKs – Mutu
Greece: Pens: – Basinas, FKs – Karagounis
Russia: Pens: – Pavluchenko, FKs: Arshavin
Spain: Pens: – Villa, FKs – Xavi
Sweden: Pens: – Ibrahimovic, FKs – Larsson

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