David Beckham Should Stop Blogging. Like. Seriously.

Hello everybody…

That’s not me greeting you lovely folk, that’s D to the B riding the double-A of the V himself, (Sir – so far it’s optional) David Beckham.

We’re honored to have Mr Beckham grace us with his superstar blogging skills, so let’s cut to the chase and see what he has to say, mmmmmkk?

Well, it was good to get back to winning ways against Cagliari after the disappointment of losing the Milan derby.

Unfortunately, we’re out of the UEFA Cup though. We didn’t lose either game against Werder Bremen, but they’re through on the away goals rule. It’s another disappointment, but good to them.

Good to them, indeed. But this is great, so far we know Beckham won against Cagli-something, lost the Milan derby (is that a horse-race? was he riding a horse? Did V know / approve of this spectacle?), and he’s out of the UEFA Cup. He (they? who’s they?) didn’t lose, but good to them.

On Tuesday I appeared at an adidas store in Milan to reveal the new Predator boot. It was a fantastic afternoon, made all the better by the amount of people that came along. Many thanks to those who turned up. I hope you had a good time.

And my sincerest apologies to those who expected that I was going to reveal the ‘Predator’ itself. Adidas doesn’t pay me that much, plus the missus would strangle me. Buy the shoe though, it’ll stop you from slipping when you take shots on a wet surface…you know, like our ‘captain’ Terry.

We were away to Sampdoria on Sunday and didn’t get the result we wanted. It’s all about consistency at the moment, but things aren’t quite going our way. We’re back at home this weekend though, so we know what we need to do to get things going again.

You win, you lose, you lose, you lose, you model for a product. I’m not saying that that’s bad, per se, but maybe your definition of consistency needs realignment.

That’s all for now.

Damn, and I’d just put the popcorn in the microwave.

Take care,

David, I love you, but please, fire the people writing your blog and either do it yourself, or if that IS you, hire a professional blogger to do it for you. Here’s one – he’s got excellent credentials.

The David Beckham Blog (what, you thought I made this up?).

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