Chelsea v Barcelona – Goals and Videos

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A freak goal from Essien’s left foot that even had the neutrals out of their seats, 80 minutes of drudgery, 3 contentious calls that could have gone for Chelsea, one incorrect red card against Barcelona, incessant diving from Drogba and Anelka, and then a beauty off Iniesta’s foot.

People will remember the end of the game – the drama, the joy, the despair, the anger at the referee – but most of this game was about Barcelona failing to adapt to Chelsea’s tactical advantage and only a moment of brilliance by Iniesta (coupled with jangled nerves from Chelsea) gave Barcelona an advantage on away goals and nudged them through to a final against Manchester United.

Chelsea v Barcelona – Videos

Chelsea’s Goal: Essien

Barcelona’s Goal: Iniesta

Post Match: Drogba goes postal

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