Cesc Fabregas: We are detemined to win at Old Trafford

Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas has challenged his team to deliver a “statement of intent” against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

Manchester United and Arsenal lock horns on Monday night, and Cesc Fabregas, who might not participate in the huge event due to hamstring injury, believes his team can beat United.

Arsenal currently have a slight advantage over the Red Devils, as they are one point ahead of them at the top of the table, and should Arsenal beat United, they would go 4 points ahead at the top, and end Manchester United’s unbeaten run that has expanded since the beginning of the season.

Fabregas is also determined to recover from his hamstring injury just in time to travel with the squad.

Cesc told The Sun:

“If I can play in any way, I will.

“It’s a huge game on Monday and we could go four points ahead at the top.

“We’re definitely looking to go to Old TraffordCesc Fabregas: We are detemined to win at Old Trafford and win. That would be a massive statement of intent for us. We are really going for it.”

The World Cup winner believes this season has been “crazy” so far, and has been the most open in years.

“Normally in December you see teams at the top of the table with 40 points or more. At the moment, we are sitting there with only 32. It is so weird.

“None of the top teams are at their best and that’s making it very difficult for any one of them to break away.

“At Arsenal, we are clearly delighted to be top of the table, but we have still lost a few games already, particularly at home, which is very unusual. It’s hard to explain. It’s odd.

“I remember, when I first arrived in this country, you just knew you were going to win certain games – especially at home.

“But we can’t say that any more. And it is not just Arsenal. When you look at Chelsea, it is very strange too. We have become used to them winning, winning, winning.

“They have been so successful in the last few years but now they are losing a few as well and everyone is talking.

“And though Manchester United are unbeaten, they are not miles ahead because they have had so many draws – nearly half their games, I think. That’s not like them.”

The Spanish play maker also believes Arsenal need to stop the drop of points if they are to challenge for the title, and eventually end their 5 year title-drought.

 “We want to win these big games, get into finals. We are determined to win something this season. “We are in a good position and we are very confident. We are winning games, playing well and scoring goals.

“We believe we are capable of beating anyone, anywhere.

“We still need to improve if we are to win the Premier League.

“We are winning games again now but know we can defend better and attack better. We know we can be more compact as a team.

“We also know it will be very tough, because I am sure Chelsea and United will both find their form and both will fight to the very end.

“So the more games we can win now, the better – and where better to start than at United?”

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