Manchester United 4-2 Everton (match discussion and videos)

Well, you can’t say United don’t have heart – actually, while this win has been a gift from Ian Turner and Phil Neville, credit to the side for the way they kept going.

With Bolton drawing away at Stamford Bridge, expect Jose Mourinho to carp about United’s win with something along the lines of ‘if we had sides gifting us wins we’d be 20 points ahead’ and possibly questioning Phil Neville’s loyalty to Everton (which, to be honest, he won’t be the only one to do so.

Props to Chris Eagles for scoring – he’ll be crazy tonight, won’t he – and props to United for not letting their heads drop when possibly everyone else had thought they had lost.

United vs Everton Goals

United 0-1 Everton (Stubbs)
United 0-2 Everton (Fernandes)
United 1-2 Everton (O’Shea)
United 2-2 Everton (Phil Neville)
United 3-2 Everton (Wayne Rooney)
United 4-2 Everton (Chris Eagles)!

Not much to say about the match apart from that 🙂 United were scrappy, so were Everton, and the Everton fans deserve to be really pissed off at the result.

Both sides had handballs in the penalty area, so canceled out, hopefully.

After the game, the United team came on the pitch to celebrate, it was not only an unbelievable come back but also a great chance to wrap up the league now, with 3 games to go and 5 points ahead.

Match Preview

Injuries Update

As of now, Saha is ‘expected’ to return and he’ll be on the bench for today’s Everton game. Hopefully that will translate into a 30 minute outing and then another outing at the San Siro.

Ferdinand is ‘expected’ to be fit for Wednesday’s game, while Vidic will go for a scan on Monday to check his progress and ‘might’ be fit for the Manchester City clash next Saturday.

All things considered, that means that Manchester United are now pushing to get Rio, Saha and Vidic fit for the Chelsea game – a game Ferguson will want to win.

Neville is no closer to a return, but even if Ferguson hasn’t publicly admitted it, Neville’s loss is not a great loss. Brown is very capable of covering at right-back and gives United the pace that Neville lacks.

Park is out for the season and he’ll be traveling to the US to get his knee checked out. Evra’s fit and should play at Goodison Park today.

No news so far on Kieran Richardson, while Ferguson will be hoping that his key players (Ronaldo, Rooney, Giggs, Scholes) don’t get injured. As things stand, he can’t even afford to have Fletcher injured (who’s playing very decently this season).

United vs Everton

With Heinze and Brown playing in the middle, I don’t doubt that United will do a decent job at defending, but somehow you feel that they are bound to concede a goal. Luckily, at the other end Rooney and Ronaldo have 21 goals each for the club this season and are in exellent form. Smith will be there as well and United will ‘expect’ to score at least twice, regardless of how good Everton are.

I’m predicting a 1-2 win for United, but considering where we are in the season, nothing can be taken for granted. Everton could easily take a draw or even a win out of this game.

You still feel though, that Manchester United aren’t going to give up without a fight. And while the press talks about Chelsea’s late goals, United’s ‘comebacks’ this season have been quite spectacular.

With Reading playing at home against Newcastle and Bolton away to Chelsea, this is an excellent chance for Everton to get a lead on their 5th spot rivals this season.

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