Beckham to front England’s World Cup 2018 bid

It was Lord Sebastian Coe’s presence that helped London win the rights to host the 2012 Olympics and now it’s the turn of a certain David Beckham to do the same in a different ball game. David Beckham is easily the most recognizable footballer on the planet and it is his face and the billions stringed to it that the English FA want to use to bring home the 2018 World Cup.

The only time that England hosted the World Cup was also the only occasion that they won the most prestigious trophy in the world of sports but things have much changed since 1966. These days any hosting bids always invariably accompany celebrity faces to attract as much attention as possible to their bids. And who is a better cash cow than Monsieur Beckham?

The geese that lays the golden eggs himself has come out of the blocks and said that he would be eager to be the face of the FA for the 2018 World Cup bid. All the nations interested in hosting the single most biggest sports event would have to send in their bid by 2009 to FIFA and the English FA are seriously contemplating on hosting the competition in 2018. The fact that FIFA has terminated its policy of rotating the World Cup among continents has aided England’ chances.

England did try to host the World Cup as recently as 2006 but were piped to the post by Germany. This time they do have tough competitors in the Netherlands and a few other European nations who are also reflecting on hosting the competition.

This time though there is a genuine chance that England might possibly just win the race. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been reported to have presented his support to the FA for going ahead with the bid and enthusiasm is escalating.

Yet amidst the furor there is concern and that concern is almost inevitable about the financial factor. London is to host the 2012 Olympics and economists are already raising a huge cry of potential bankruptcy. The final decision on who hosts the 2018 World Cup will be taken by FIFA in October, 2011.

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