Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid Goal Highlights (29 Nov 2010)

Yes, that’s right, 5-0 to Barcelona. What a beautiful Monday night for a Barcelona fan. One of the worse for a Real Madrid fan. Except for a few moments in the entire game, Barcelona were the only horse in La Liga.

Out playing Jose Mourinho’s eleven so effectively is quite a reply to the Special One’s Inter Milan last season in the UEFA Champions League.

This result shouts out loud that all those Galacticos are not so bright in front of the Catalans. Madrid had 7 wins in a row in La Liga coming into the game but Barca made 5 El Clasico wins in a row. The last time Madrid emerged victorious in an El Clasico encounter was on 7th May, 2008 at the Santiago Bernabeu (final score: 4-1).

The game: Until the last moment, I held the opinion that Jose Mourinho should be underestimated and it would be a close game down to the last moments and Barcelona will emerge victorious with just one goal because of the home advantage.

Turns out, Pep Guardiola was quite a few steps ahead of me and Barcelona turned the game on like they did in their sextuple run. Either Barca was really going through a bad patch and started their recovery ahead of El Clasico thrashing Almeria 8-0 on the way.

Or Pep played it very close to the chest and gave the impression that Barca isn’t quite the same now – a point of view circulating in the media and fans.

Either way it turned out quite well for the reigning league champions.

Goals came from Xavi and Pedro in the first 20 minutes of the game and the heat on the pitch was through the roof. From Cristiano Ronaldo almost shoving Pep Guardiola to Lionel Messi taking an easy fall when Ricardo Carvalho’s arm came across his face.

Second half started with Barca’s two goal lead intact. Soon, within three minutes the game had gone to whole another level when David Villa scored a brace. Barcelona just kept passing the ball and Real Madrid kept chasing them.

4-0 down and losing the pole position in the league to their opponents, Madrid started tackling strongly. A bit too strongly in the eyes of the referee and the fans alike.

Until Sergio Ramos was shown a straight red for intentionally kicking Messi’s leg (which he missed by the way). While the referee was taking out the red card, Ramos also managed to shove Carles Puyol in the face. Keep in mind, the long haired Spaniards won the 2010 World Cup together.

Jeffren Suarez scored in the dying minutes of the game off a Bojan Krkic cross. Bojan missed a couple chances before that.

So, here are the goals:

Barcelona 1-0 Real Madrid

Xavi, 10′

Barcelona 2-0 Real Madrid

Pedro, 18′

Barcelona 3-0 Real Madrid

David Villa, 55′

Barcelona 4-0 Real Madrid

David Villa, 58′

Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid

Jeffren, 90′

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