Can a two-man Madrid really stop Barcelona?

First it was Cristiano Ronaldo who was going to bring the title to the capital, now it is Jose Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo who will bring the title to the capital. Can they really stop a star-studded Catalan army?

Professional Football Players Observatory (PFPO) and RunningBall developed a new statistics model for football and the model helped predict the probable national champions in Europe’s top five leagues in 2011.

Before we go and look at the champion and the rest of the league table, you can take a look at the complete list of the teams by clicking on the image and for more details on how the predictions work, click here.

Can a two-man Madrid really stop Barcelona?

Champion: Barcelona

So, Jose Mourinho and the around $451 million can not bring the league title back to the capital club? Strange. Yes, but with the kind of events that have unfolded in the Bernabeu over the last few years, it is quite possible.

A club president who likes to interfere with the team selection at times and a manager who likes to be in complete control of everything related to players. You can argue all you want but they are there.

Over in Catalan, Spain’s most prolific striker, David Villa have joined the party. Zlatan Ibrahimovic although supposedly willing to stay have now been loaned out to AC Milan to make room for the Spaniard.

Also with one after another youth academy product making a big impact on the football field, taking a title away from them will not be easy.

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