2009 VIVA World Cup Preview: Can Padania repeat?

If you haven’t heard of the VIVA World Cup, don’t worry, you’re in the majority. Started in 2006, the event was first planned to be held every two years, but things changed this year as the New Football Federation-Board decided to run the event on a yearly basis. The tournament allows nations unaffiliated with FIFA to play in a World Cup of their own.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold. The III Viva World Cup Padania 2009 is just a mere three months away. Following Padania’s spectacular win last year in Sapmi, the NF-Board (New Football Federation-Board, a Federation that represents nations that are not recognized as sovereign states) decided to host the tournament every year and gave the 2009 edition to Padania, a region in Northern Italy.

So far, fifteen teams have submitted applications to participate, and, if all 15 participate, this will be by far the largest World Cup in the VIVA World Cup’s short history. The venues have not yet been announced, but stadiums in major Italian cities like Brescia, Bergamo, Varese, Lecco, and Verona as well as the San Siro Stadium in Milan have been seriously considered as venues, compared to the miniature stadiums used in previous VIVA World Cups in Occitania and Sapmi.

Here are previews of all the teams:


Last year’s hosts and winners of the 2006 VIVA World Cup in Occitania. Managed only a disappointing third place last year in their home country, but are still one of the most powerful and dangerous teams out there.
Prediction: Third


Iraqi Kurdistan

Made their first appearance at Sapmi 2008, and achieved a respectable fourth place finish overall, and third in the group. Good. but not great, and are not expected to go too far, but could be a dark horse if they punch above their weight.
Prediction: Quarterfinals


Appeared for the first time last year in Sapmi, and were horrible, losing all of their matches, including a 6-1 loss to eventual champions Padania. Don’t seem to have improved too much since last summer. Rivals of Occitania.
Prediction: Group Stage

Arameans Survoye

Finished a surprising second in their maiden appearance at the VIVA World Cup last year in Sapmi. To achieve the same result, they must prove that last year was no flash in the pan and that they are here to stay.
Prediction: Fourth


One of the strongest teams in the tournament by far. Were very impressive in their debut last year in Sapmi, winning the tournament, and have home advantage here in Padania. Expect them to be virtually unbeatable.
Prediction: First


One of the only internationally recognized countries without a FIFA football team, along with the Vatican City. They finished a respectable second in 2006. but suffered humiliating 14-1 and 21-1 losses to eventual victors Sapmi, and missed last year’s edition.
Prediction: Group Stage

Northern Cyprus

The most menacing team and one of the favorites, along with Padania. Did not participate in the last two World Cups due to disputes with the NF-Board. They have proven time and time again to be very, very powerful and they will show it once again this summer.
Prediction: Second


The national team has only played one match, a 4-3 victory over Malta in 1997, but Gozo FC, a professional Maltese team, has basically the same squad and is currently mid-table in the third tier of the Maltese football pyramid. Could be a surprise.
Prediction: Group Stage


Little is known about the West African ‘nation’. However, they come from Nigeria, a nation which has produced world-class footballers, so they could be dangerous.
Prediction: Group Stage


Represent the French-speaking Walloon region of Belgium. Although most of the Belgian team is Flemish, Walloon players such as Axel Witsel have made an international impression. Watch out for this team.
Prediction: Quarterfinals


Are one of the many new entries this time around. Have never played a competitive football match, and are therefore an unknown quantity at this point. Very hard to guess how they might be.
Prediction: Group Stage


Came third at home in the first ever World Cup in 2006, but only because Southern Cameroons withdrew at the last minute. Never seemed to impressive in their competitive matches, and it doesn’t seem like that’s going to change this summer.
Prediction: Group Stage

Two Sicilies

Formed recently by the Two Sicilies independence movement, they could be incredibly dangerous. Similar to Padania with Northern Italian players, any Italian player from the Southern regions would be eligible to play for them, like Fabio Cannavaro or Morgan De Sanctis.
Prediction: Quarterfinals


One of the more prominent teams interested in Padania 2009, Quebec could well be a team to watch out for. Quebec-born Canadian national team players like Andre Hainault are eligible for Quebec.
Prediction: Quarterfinals

chagos_islands_faChagos Islands

Representing the British Indian Ocean Territory, they are a full member of NF-Board but have not played a match to date. With no experience whatsoever, they could be easily crushed by more experienced campaigners.
Prediction: Group Stage

Final Prediction:

1st: Padania
2nd: Northern Cyprus
3rd: Sapmi
4th: Arameans Survoye
Quarterfinals: Quebec, Two Sicilies, Wallonia, Iraqi Kurdistan
Group Stage: Chagos Islands, Occitania, Rijeka, Biafra, Gozo, Monaco, Provence

So there you have it: the 2009 VIVA World Cup Padania!

You can find more information on the VIVA World Cup by visiting the homepage.

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