“What’s the matter Schweinsteiger? Are you nervous?” – Diego Maradona

Argentina coach Diego Maradona has taken a swipe at Germanys Bastian Schweinsteiger in retaliation for the German maestro’s comments about his side being too influential on referees with their berated complaints.

Maradona’s men will meet the Germany in Cape Town this Saturday in the last eight. They also met in the same stage of the competition four years ago in Berlin as a mass fracas erupted following the Germans penalty shootout victory.  The opposing players and staff gathered together on the field of play following the conclusion of the shootout where physical and verbal abuse was clear to see.

The Bayern Munich midfielder didn’t condone the Argentine’s behaviour on that day and recently criticised their involvement. He has now followed that up with his latest outburst during a pre match news conference where he believes La Albiceleste whine and complain towards referees as well as using provocative antics to frustrate their opponents.

Schweinsteiger said:

“I find that the behaviour of the Argentineans on the pitch, how they gesticulate and how they try to influence the referee, is disrespectful.”

“Most importantly, we will not be intimidated or respond to their provocations. I hope the referee will be watching the game closely.”

The eccentricity of Diego Maradona is a common norm to all nowadays but he responded to Schweinsteiger’s comments with a bizarre imitated German accent during a television interview and said:

“What’s the matter Schweinsteiger? Are you nervous?”

There is certainly bad blood still running between both sides following that tense yet fantastic quarter final four years ago. The Argentines will certainly be seeking some sort of retribution and hoping to blast their way into the last four in South Africa. Maradona also said that his team are going to go full throttle at Joachim Low’s side and believes his opponents are nervous.

“A different game is played every match and this is going to be different because we are coming out to attack them and play in their faces.”

“This is what has made them nervous.”

The winners will meet the victors of the Spain vs Paraguay fixture which will also take place on Saturday resulting in two from the four meeting in the penultimate fixtures of their World Cup adventure next week in Durban.

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