Premier League referees declare war on Manchester United

Premier League referees – backed by Liverpool, Tottenham and Manchester City – have launched a scathing attack on Manchester United, claiming that Sir Alex Ferguson was single-handedly responsible for the unbelievable amounts of abuse referees are subjected to in English football and that they were now on a warpath against United, and would not rest until the club was duly punished.

This vehement attack on United is unlikely to bother the Manchester club who have always felt that referees favor their rivals in an attempt to ‘get in the news’ and the club will also point to the penalty awards against them as well as the penalty awards for their rivals as chief evidence that they have more of a reason to complain.

United have also reportedly asked why they were being targeted when other clubs have been at the forefront of questioning referee integrity all season with suggestions of collusion with United, and that these suggestions have been ongoing for more than a decade and have been perpetuated by members of the press and illogical fans, who don’t understand that there are no penalties possible at Old Trafford.

There was no spokesperson available for comment, as individually the referees are still very scared of Alex Ferguson, but several anonymous posts on Twitter have popped up, promising, amongst other things: ‘no offsides against United’, ‘red card to Rooney for being ugly’, ‘no subs allowed for United after the 1st minute’ and ‘no, I did not see that foul.’

United officials are keeping quiet on the matter but have internally braced the club for an outpouring of anti-United sentiment as the club close in on a record 20th league title, only to find the referees ganging up against them.

As Manchester United chase a scarcely believable 5th league title in 6 years, it seems that the men in black are out to stop them. It won’t stop United from winning, but it does give Ferguson an excuse to tell the referees what he really things about them.

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