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Unai Emery pleads Arsenal to remain calm after disappointing loss to Leicester City



Arsenal fell to another crushing loss to an in-form Leicester City side on Saturday, continuing their gruesome recent form.

The Gunners are now winless in their last five games in all competitions, something which hasn’t gone down well with the fans.

There are major calls for Emery to be sacked after the shocking drop Emery’s inability to improve them even after such an expensive summer transfer window.

Things have reached such a boiling point that even their legend Iain Wright is discreetly encouraging the side to part ways with the Spaniard and look for someone else to save the ship from sinking.

Despite another away loss in which Arsenal were outwitted despite fielding their best possible attacking lineup, Emery remains optimistic that he can turn things around with them.

He urged the club to stick by him and showcase calmness during these tough times after the defeat.  The Spaniard said, ‘’I am speaking with the club to stay calm and to stay, patient to improve and recover some confidence with some circumstances.”

Emery also explained how having a young squad hasn’t helped his cause in bringing in success and reiterated his confidence in getting the Gunners out of this troubling situation.

He said, “We have young players who are improving and growing up with us. I know, we are losing.  We are receiving criticism but I know that’s my job. I’ve had lots of moments like that but I’ve recovered by working to get confidence, being together with the club and players.”

However, he isn’t running away from criticism and has accepted that the drop in form onto his own failures. But he insisted everyone remains calm and how Arsenal were ousted by a better team on Saturday.

Emery explained, “I accept it all. I accept the applause and I accept it when they criticise us. I know when we win, they are going to be happy and when we lose, they are going to be sad. It’s normal. “

“We need to stay calm and also to keep improving things. Today we got one step ahead by being together and being strong defensively. But we lost because we were playing a very strong team in a good moment.’’

Arsenal have been experiencing a series of problems recently with Granit Xhaka’s outburst topping things off. Emery blames those issues towards dropping the confidence levels of his side, but is sure that to get back on track.

He stated, “We’ve had some negative circumstances at the beginning of the season. The last month or so, I think the team have had those negative circumstances and it’s not given us that emotional balance. We have time and the matches to recover that. I am sure we are going to do that.”

The Gunners will return to the Emirates on 23rd November to host under-fire Southampton, but it remains to be seen whether or not Emery is still in the hot seat by then.