The Romance Of United

Despite the many rumors of Manchester United being on a downturn, Sir Alex Ferguson has confidently reiterated the fact that there is still something very special about the club.

The United boss boasted, “It’s amazing, because we’ve still got that fantastic romance,” which is clearly only seen by level-headed players.

We all know the saying, “The grass is not always greener on the other side,” but the green of the money that is constantly waved in front of a player’s eyes, like has happened with Wayne Rooney, will give him the illusion that is.

Well, Sir Alex described as, “Sometimes you look in a field and you see a cow and you think it’s a better cow than the one you’ve got in the field.”

Either way, this can be described as fools’ gold, which is kind of a way to describe Rooney as football superstar, because if he was one of the world’s best players than it would not matter if he had top players around him, because he would take the onus of carrying a team.

However, Sir Alex has nipped this saga in the bud by meeting with David Gill to discuss what to do with Rooney, so that Manchester United can get on with their life without having any more potential interruptions from their former fan-favorite.

Despite being thrown a wicked curve ball by the out-of-sorts forward, Sir Alex has still continued to have an rose-colored outlook on the whole situation, and his confidence in his own ability remains second-to-none.

The United manager even took time to make a joke about Rooney questioning the his and club’s ambitions to win trophies by saying, “Have I won 30 trophies or what?”

Players come and players go, which is a simple fact of life for a big club like Manchester United, but there is one thing is for certain – Sir Alex will never wait for the resolution to come to him.

We can all moan and complain about Rooney leaving, but the fact of the matter is that he has already confirmed his imminent departure and there is nothing anyone can do about it – except move on!

Rooney, like many in the past, has thought that he was irreplaceable, but the silly Scouser has failed to realize that he was just one piece of the United puzzle, and now Sir Alex can mold someone else into that missing piece.

There will be oodles of players ringing their agents to get in touch with Manchester United, because for them it is a dream to don the famous No. 10 shirt and walk out onto the pitch at Old Trafford.

There is an aurora about playing for Manchester United – just ask the former Liverpool legend, Michael Owen, who jumped at the chance to work under the greatest and most successful manager in British football history.

Rooney has taken that for granted, and he will soon realize that as his next club, wherever it may be, that he misses the stability of having just one manager, and foundation that was offered by United and Sir Alex offers each and every player.

If that wasn’t the case, then why Roy Hodgson would not be scrambling right now to have a meeting with his prized asset, Fernando Torres?

Its quite simple, really, because the Spanish center forward, along with other better quality finishers, admire the trophies that have been – and will be – secured by United.

Like it in 2004/05, it seemed as though to the fans that Sir Alex took a little bit off of his managerial pedal, but that all changed once one of his greatest players had a real go at him and his other players.

Roy Keane, in very similar fashion, to the other out-of-control Rooney, lashed out saying that current United squad was not good enough, and we all know what happened next.

Keane’s contract, the same one that he held out on signing because he wanted more money, was torn up and the United captain was booted out of Old Trafford for good.

All that did was light a fire under Sir Alex to lead United to one of the most fruitful periods of the club’s illustrious history.

Now, Rooney has offered up yet another challenge to the United genius, by realistically saying that you and your lot of players are not good enough.

So, thank you, Wayne, because you have just rejuvenated a man, who just may have needed a little nudge to kick-start another successful period for United.

The motivation that he has provided will give the old Scotsman just the release on life that not only Ferguson has, but the rest of the United players will lead to unheralded accomplishments.

In all, Sir Alex Ferguson did the right thing by letting the situation speak for itself, which has in turn allowed the Manchester United move on to bigger and better things.

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