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Oh what a season its been!

It’s been so full of twists and turns that you just don’t know whats going to happen next.  Scandal, despair, scandal, glory, scandal, great quotes and yet more scandal.

Sorry Portsmouth

I was just reading about Portsmouths latest debacle (I’ll let you ponder what today’s big issue is) and i couldn’t help but have a little laugh.

Of course this is terrible for the fans, and especially the hardcores with “POMPEY O8 – NEVER GONNA DIE” tattooed on their faces, bellys, arses, fingers and wherever else, but reading through all today’s stories i wondered how funny football has become.

This is nothing new, football hasn’t just entertained me for years in a sporting form, but also it’s soap storied antics leave a lot to be desired.  I’m not fond of all that depressing stuff, but take some cue from the papers stories and youll all be in big business.  If only there was a football based soap? oh wait……. Dream Team plagued us for years.

Portsmouth are a gold mine for any overpaid tv writers struggling for ideas.  If only there was a “next time on Portsmouth FC” after every story, itd be like proper tele.  The fun is in the surprise i suppose, which is why the ratings (coverage) is so high at the moment.

This week we were all surprised to hear of Avram Grant’s antics in the “brothel”. According to his wife, the “brothel” was actually a “massage” parlour that she herself is waiting to become an honorary member of…. Portsmouth is such a hot bed of tasty journalism that this is about the 30th big story to break out of the club in the last 7 days.

Enough of Portsmouth, its becoming overkill.

Public Enemy #1

Right now John Terry’s going down his “this lads actually a dodgy geezer” stage.  The sucking up to John Terry when he first started hitting the big time was actually quite phenomenal.  Here’s why everybody fell over themselves to proclaim him the greatest of all time for a short enough while at least.

  • He was English – not just English but centre-back English, who was tough as nails (He might be as good as Roger Moore, and maybe even as good as Bobby Moore)
  • He was a leader (hence more building up as the modern day Bobby Moore)
  • When he became England captain, he became untouchable (or was he?)

It is the classic story of the everyman hero becoming public enemy number 1.  It’s like Hulk Hogan turning into a bad guy and getting booed outta Wrestlemania.

Rafa’s Guarantee

The harrowing story of Rafael Benitez and his eternal struggle has been the most ever-present of the campaign so far.    It has been hilariously entertaining, and is comedy gold at it’s best.  It appears that everything has been at ease in the last few weeks, and they are just getting back on track. 

I for one hope however that it is just the calm before the storm, and there is one momentous disaster left in the pipeline – I’m sure that a Europa League exit to some team from some “little” country and a 6th place finish n the prem will make suffice 🙂

Arsene’s Wonderland

Master Wenger appears to be losing his marbles once again too. His stages of genius to buffoon and back again have become legendary in the last few years. His side went on a great winning streak to get back in the mix (genius), he made an enemy of Martin O’Neill (he’s quite the vicious one) and James Collins (notoriously outspoken) and then ended up losing badly in a home match to classic enemy and evil overlord of the Premier League Darth Vader (buffoon).

Now he has given a ringing endorsement of belief regarding Theo Wally. Is this him staying in his buffoonery stage or has he already leaped into back into genius territory for the next 6 weeks? 

There really isn’t any point in including the blue half of Manchester in this because, there’s frankly too much to say and they would need their own timeslot, and I’m outta time folks!


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