The Day Of The Pampered Professionals

After watching former Manchester United superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, throw a childish temper tantrum after his disallowed goal, just proves that Sir Alex Ferguson was spot on – again.

This time, Ferguson, who has certainly been in the limelight during this short sabbatical for international friendlies, declared that the modern-day player is too emotional, and it has even forced him to curb his own hairdryer fits, so players do not have a breakdown.

The epileptic fit that Ronaldo threw after his wonderfully taken shot against Spain was ruled out was undoubtedly something that Sir Alex would have never stood for, either.

To be fair to Ronaldo, though, it was going to be yet another international goal for him, but the untimely intervention a very naive Nani, who needlessly decided to head his clever chip – after it was three-fourths over the line – was foolish to say the least.

Instead of reeling away to celebrate, Ronaldo stomped, screamed and threw the respected Portugal captain’s armband to the ground – like a three year old child would.

This outburst should bring back found memories to United supporters, because of what transpired during one of Ronaldo’s matches at Old Trafford in 2009.

With Manchester City keeling over and United cruising at 2-0, Ferguson opted to bring him off to rest him for their title run-in, but Ronaldo disagreed with the change, and when he was summoned to the dugout, he angrily swatted the warm-up jacket that was handed to him to the ground.

This is coming from a player who said, “I feel I have grown up. I am a man. It is important in my football too,” after his highly-talked about 2006 FIFA World Cup fiasco with a fellow United teammate.

If that was being mature, then what is spoiled brat, infantile behavior?

There is no justifying the extreme, tough tackles that a player like Ronaldo faces, but one has to wonder if they are at all correlated, because these baby-like behaviors of these new-age players could very well provoke adverse consequences.

The Day Of The Pampered Professionals

Now, Mario Balotelli, who was linked with a move to Old Trafford this summer, wants to leave the City of Manchester Stadium – after just four months.

This type of mentality is shameful, and exactly why Ferguson did not buy the young Italian, because I am sure the Gaffer would be in jail if he had to deal with this kind of nonsense at United.

Oh, wait he did.

Wayne Rooney, and the ill-conceived notion that he wanted out of Old Trafford, because he was wrongfully advised about the club by his trusted agent, Paul Stretford, who is absolutely hated at United according to Ferguson.

The Gaffer, like he always has done, admitted that no one will ever know the truth about Rooney and his potential move to the City of Manchester Stadium by assuring the press, “You’re never going to find out.”

Following the Rooney incident, Blackpool’s Ian Holloway lambasted football’s executives for creating these adolescent, unacceptable flare-ups, because the modern-day players have all of the power.

When Ferguson first started at United in the mid-80s, the managers had the control and now that the shoe is on the other foot, it is a real testament of his character how he has adapted to this unforeseen change.

These players nowadays are more worried about how their hair looks during the game than how their performance is on the pitch, and the one that suffers the most are the adoring fans.

If what he recently said was true about missing Manchester United and the English league, then Cristiano Ronaldo will need to cut this little act out of his game for the supporters to take him back.

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