Standing Up And Being Counted

The last two results for Manchester United have not been very favorable to say the least, however, there have been positive signs from the younger players.

The young players at United have taken major steps to show that they have the character, and can potentially be a long-term player for the club by showing that they are not afraid to face adversity – or an opponent.

Admirably, Rafael went nose-to-nose with Carlos Tevez in the Manchester Derby, and then Javier Hernandez did something very similar when he was questioned by Luke Young in United’s 2-2 draw with Aston Villa, and that frame of mind can only benefit the club in the long run.

On top of those two welcoming acts of bravery, Federico Macheda continued to show that he has ice running through his young veins by notching the first goal against Villa, and fellow second-half substitution, Gabriel Obertan was the inspirational figure, which sparked the comeback at Villa Park.

These situations definitely come as a breath of fresh air not only because the last two matches have only resulted in as many points, but because over the past month, the Manchester United supporters have been subjected to some ungodly acts of what super stardom does to the mind of a player.

So this question needs to be raised: does Sir Alex Ferguson run the risk of disrupting his squad with another superstar to United?

If one was to ask a wide section of the United supporters what type of player – a superstar, a star or a starlet – that they would like at this club, the majority would say a good combination of the latter is what is needed.

The vision of Manchester United has always been to have youth play a vital influence in the club going forward – and that should never change.

The Gaffer is now seeking out potential reinforcements to replace some of his long-time heroes, but he has to be very selective on who he brings in.

Right now, there are many critics of the type of player at Old Trafford, because there are not many superstars within the United squad, and that cannot be seen as a bad thing, either.

Standing Up And Being Counted

There have been superstars like George Best, Eric Cantona and Cristiano Ronaldo who have graced Old Trafford in a United shirt, but is there one of those caliber of players available?

If a club does happen to buy a well-established, modern-day superstar, a manager more than likely not only gets their skillful talents, but also his huge attitude as well.

There are too many prima donna type-of-players in football today, and they certainly would not have played when they were battling the flu or diarrhea like Nemanja Vidic and Paul Scholes did against Wolverhampton.

For instance, Wayne Rooney was left out of the squad to face Fulham at the start of the season, because he was battling illness – whether or not that was an excuse or not will never be revealed in the immediate future.

One thing that a manager needs to take into effect when scouting a player is their mindset and see how they act both on AND off the field.

You can never eliminate the cockiness in a player, but if he is groomed from at a club from a young age, which Arsene Wenger and Ferguson have done for quite sometime, then it decreases the chances and the severity of attitude.

Ferguson’s best quality as a manager is man-managing, because he has the uncanny ability to not only inflate an ego, but to deflate as well in both young and/or experience players.

The young players like Chicharito, Obertan, Rafael, Darron Gibson and Nani will ultimately benefit from having a man like Ferguson bossing them.

It is clear that Sir Alex Ferguson should stick to his guns, and keep with the youth policy that has served him and Manchester United well over they years.

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