Someone please buy Reyes from Arsenal…

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This is an open plea to Real Madrid and any other Spanish club interested in getting a highly-rated Spanish striker – please contact David Dein at Arsenal and bid for one Jose Antonio Reyes. Bid in the region of 10 to 15 mil, and make it bloody quick.

This summer has seen several (very talented) young players have issued “come and get me” pleas – Franc Ribery spoke to French TV channel TF1 saying that he wanted to play in the Champions League and that meant that he had to leave Marseille.

Owen Hargreaves has been saying in every interview he gives to the media that he would love to play in the English Premiership provided that a club in the Champions League came for him. Considering that Chelsea have a flush midfiled and Liverpool are probably fully-stacked in the centre of the park as well, this leaves Arsenal and Manchester United – both needing a holding midfielder.

Dixon here doesn’t rate Hargreaves as highly as I do, which is fine by me – if United can get a quality midfielder, I won’t complain. But right now it looks like Arsenal will have more money from their sales (Cole and Reyes) to afford a player like Hargreaves, while United look set to bring in Senna.

Then you have Reyes, who has been talking about a move away from Arsenal for the last week, and amidst the swift denials and what not, we know that he’s not happy at London and wants to go back to play in Spain. I said this earlier and I’m saying it again – these players are young and human like the rest of us, and if they can’t adapt to the culture then their game is bound to suffer. He’s a good player (though he’s liable to dive), so let him go, make some money off him and build the team.

Still, it would be premature to assume that Real Madrid are anxious to get their hands on Reyes. The problem area for them is left-wing, and while Reyes can play there he is not a natural in that position. Buying Reyes would also mean that Madrid would be selling both Cassano and Ronaldo – and that’s a big, big move. They also have Ruud, Robinho and Raul – the three strikers safest from any sales.

And while we’re on the subject of transfers, where is Diarra going? Looks like Lyon won’t be letting him go as no one can afford their price (Madrid chose to get Emerson instead, United are going for Senna and suddenly only Arsenal and Bayern are the two clubs who might be interested but neither club would pay 20 mil). Oh well…

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