‘Share Your Football Experiences’ Contest

Due to the enormous success of our previous writing contest, Soccerlens will be launching a new contest for the month of December, for which the theme will be:

Share Your Football Experiences

If you have a favourite / most memorable real-life, personal footballing experience, and would like to tell others about it, this is your best shot.

Experiences can be about anything that is related to football (soccer).

You could talk for instance, about playing the game (is there a game you played in which something so special took place that you will remember it all your life?), meeting a real life football professional, watching the game (is there a match you watched in the stadium or on television, that you experienced in a personal way worth writing about), or even… refereeing the game (we all screamed “kill the ref he’s blind” at some point or another, but perhaps there are some referees out there (amateur or professional) who would like to share their thoughts, on what it feels like to be on the other side of the whistle).

I’m only giving you a few examples here, the sky’s the limit.

As a guideline and to give you an idea of what we expect, read “The Heart of Football” by Kris or “My Friend Who Played With Pelé” by Steve Amoia.

The contest will last for one week exactly, and articles will be published between Monday December 3rd and Sunday December 9th (inclusive). For that effect, we would like all your articles in our mailbox by Sunday December 9th at 23:59.


  • 1 submission per person.
  • All emails must be sent to contests(AT)soccerlens(dot)com with the subject ‘Writing Competition’.
  • Article Length: There’s a misconception that longer pieces do better – however a minimum of 500 words is expected, and because we don’t want book submissions, an upper limit of 2000 words will be enforced. Find your own space in between.
  • If you’re taking information from somewhere, mention your sources (in-context links).
  • Get your facts right and use a spell checker – we’re less strict on grammar but it would be advisable to fix that too :)
  • Submissions must be sent before the deadline (23:59, Sunday December 9th) – This deadline will be enforced without exceptions, so stick to it :).
  • If you’ve written for Soccerlens before (or applied for a job) or even if you still write for SL, you can still take part in the competition.

Note that this contest has no prizes, but the winning articles will be used to pick future writers for Soccerlens. This is your chance to show us your stuff. 🙂

Alright then – send in your submissions at contests(AT)soccerlens(dot)com, and if you have any questions ask them here. Feel free to promote this contest on your blogs and forums as well – any mentions will be noticed and appreciated.

Submitted Entries:

  1. Australia in World Cup 2006 by KyleAusGooner
  2. My Chance Meeting With Juventus FC by Steve Amoia
  3. Warwickshire Boys League Under 17’s League Cup Final by Simon Hickson
  4. Thai-Style Elephant Football – A Truly Great Experience by Tomas Hemmer-Hansen
  5. My Love Affair With The Arsenal by Joe Groff
  6. How I Lived the 2006 World Cup Final: France vs. Italy by Marco Pantanella


Update: The contest is now closed. Joe Groff had the winning entry, and you’ll be seeing him write more often for Soccerlens over the coming months. Thank you for participating and reading.

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