Same Old Arsenal

The game on Sunday with Arsenal and Chelsea was not as close as most of us thought.

It was an easy game for Chelsea, brushing aside the young boys fewer than five foot at the Emirates with not a bead of sweat broken. Before the game, Arsene Wenger had promised the game would showcase to the world how his team were genuine title contenders.

Oh how silly he looked after the game. It doesn’t matter Arshavins ‘goal’ was not allowed to stand, the Gunners were swept aside. At home.

Credit goes to Chelsea of course but I still think they will struggle without Essien, Kalou, Mikel and of course the powerhouse that is Didier Drogba when they leave in a few months.

What was surprising in the game was the lack of aggression by Arsenal. No player showed any will to win and looked fresh out of ideas and it’s only hit Demember. I said it before and I will stick by it, Denilson is the worst player in this current squad. I would put him on par with Pascal Cygan, another flop. What’s wrong with playing Aaron Ramsey, who is miles better than yet another Brazilian midfielder in the Premier League that fails to live up to the hype?

I don’t think the team as a whole covered themselves in glory either. In a way, Arsenal reminded me of Chelsea last season, when they relied on Di Santo to play up front alone and expected goals to come from inexperience. So when Arsenal bought on Vela, I knew there was no way back.

Wenger praises his player and hoodwinks fans with empty rallies. His seemingly unbreakable protection he offers his players is wearing thin. He failed to buy and is counting the cost of it now. How many times in the last five years has someone said that? When I first heard Van Persie was out for five months, my initial reaction was, where’s the cover? Wenger wanted Chamakh, but refused to pay an extra five million Euros. Bonkers!

Out of the title race, and only two points in front of the diabolical Liverpool. What a great start to the season. Wenger continues with his excuses and will play a young team in the Carling Cup. Count the Gunners out of that one too, thank the stars Arsenal are vying for ‘bigger’ trophies instead.

Arsene doesn’t mind taking the flak for his players, but fans knew better than this at the beginning of the season. Shoddy stuff, and almost laughable that the Gooners thought it may change. It’s still the same failing team, why did we expect different?

If Arsene wants support from fans, the team has to change. If by some miracle Arsenal win the league, then I will buy a Denilson shirt. Although I don’t think I will be rushing to the Armory any time soon.

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