Real Madrid: The Calderon Experiment

Real Madrid will be looking to take on a number of European clubs this summer for their top stars as Calderon’s ‘project’ to rebuild Madrid’s legacy begins in earnest this week.

Calderon’s chief targets this summer are Fabio Capello (Juventus) for manager and Kaka (AC Milan), Robben (Chelsea) and Fabregas (Arsenal) as players. And these are just the election campaign promises that have been made.

Once Capello (as it is being strongly rumoured) finally joins Real Madrid, expect things to happen in a flurry. The current squad will be assessed, valued and then the weak links will be cleared out mercilessly. Madrid want to win La Liga and the Champions League – they expect success, and Barca’s hot streak will make the pressure on Capello even greater.

A small bushfire has already started with Cesc’s agent Diaz talking to Marca about a potential transfer for Fabregas to Real Madrid. To his credit the agent kept his position balanced like an experting, hinting at the fact that Fabregas may be interested in Madrid’s offer without ever committing to that thought.

And how’s this for a conspiracy theory:

Calderon may have a role to play in the corruption scandal that threatens to send Juventus into Serie C. Calderon may well end up profiting the most if Juve (and other implicated clubs) get relegated / docked points. Capello has already quit Juventus, and is heading for Madrid. Who is to say more Juve players will not follow him if the Turin club is relegated?

Real Madrid may end up with one of the strongest and most balanced squads by the start of next season, managed by one of the finest coaches in the world.

And all thanks to a corruption case happening in another league. Makes you wonder…

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