Manchester United’s David de Gea allegedly implicated in Spanish rape case

David De Gea
David De Gea

Manchester United star David de Gea is allegedly implicated in a police probe involving a porn director accused of running a child prostitution ring, according to reports in Spain today.

The Spanish goalkeeper has been implicated in an ongoing case against pornography entrepreneur Ignacio Allende Fernández, better known in the industry as ‘Torbe’.

A protected witness claimed that de Gea and Torbe arranged a sex date between herself, another female and two footballers; with one being Athletic Bilbao star Iker Muniain.

In a case centred around the well-known X-rated Spanish film entrepreneur, the witness allegedly implicated David de Gea as part of the high-profile case.

Torbe was arrested and remanded in jail in April after accusations of running a prostitution ring and using under-age girls for his shoots.

The witness claimed the event took place back in 2012 at a five-star hotel in Madrid.  She said the two players were part of Spain’s under-21 team at the time and had been arranged by the Manchester United goalkeeper and Torbe.

De Gea was part of Spain’s under-21 side that won the European Championships in both 2011 and 2013.

According to Spanish newspaper Diario, the two girls were sexually assaulted by the two footballers and were then told to keep quiet over what had happened.

The report goes on to say that the witness’ information is being treated with a ‘great deal of credibility’ and that money was not her motivation for coming forward.  She is said to have claimed that Torbe took to her to a suite at the unnamed five-star hotel where she met the footballers and another woman before being ordered to ‘do whatever they wanted’.

The police file based on the statement made by the girl said: “After leaving the woman in the room with the other girl, Torbe told her they had to be with the footballers and would have to agree to everything they wanted and that they would earn more money.

“When she refused, Torbe took her firmly by the arm, and without waiting for her reply, said she had to do everything they wanted, which involved them having sex with the new girl and her.

“The new girl and her were both sexually abused by the boys, because if they refused they were physically attacked by both.

“Once the footballers had satiated their sexual desires, they threatened them so that everything that happened in that room never saw the light of day.

“It is worth nothing that neither the witness or the other girl who were in their room earned anything for all the physical and sexual attacks they received, with Torbe keeping all the money.”

The protected witness is understood to have made two statements – the first on May 6 last year in Madrid, and another one month later on June 3 in Murcia.

While Manchester United’s David de Gea is not accused of having directly participated in the sexual abuse, he has been accused of having had a hand in arranging the encounter.

The statement said:

“She [the protected witness] wants to make it clear that the meeting was set up by another footballer called David de Gea, who is allegedly the person who would have paid for the costs of that event that day.”

Diario stated that the protected witness had sent WhatsApp messages to David de Gea after the event to find out who the other player was, and was told by the 25-year-old that he also played for Atletico Bilbao but was given no further details.

Investigators are understood to have copies of the WhatsApp messages.

The Spanish online site also reports how a second under-age girl told investigators was made to film a video which was supposedly to be forwarded to the goalkeeper and other players so a sex party could be fixed up with her.

So far, neither the police or the investigating judge has summoned David de Gea or Iker Muniain to give evidence.

De Gea currently remains part of Vicente del Bosque’s Euro 2016 squad in France with their first match taking place on Monday June 13 against the Czech Republic.

Muniain’s agent has been quoted in the newspaper as saying: “We have no knowledge of this. No-one from the police or the court have been in touch with us.”

However, it does say that de Gea’s official spokesman had declined to make a comment.

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