Lionel Messi: “The goalkeeper was phenomenal.”

According to the Milan sports daily, La Gazzetta dello Sport, Argentina had 20 shots on goal, 65 percent of possession, and completed 87% of their 512 passes at Ellis Park against Nigeria. But with goal difference one of the tie-breakers in group round play, the Argentineans may regret their lack of finishing ability despite the stellar display by Nigerian keeper, Vincent Enyeama.

Maradona After the Game

Hoy nos perdonaron. Se terminó sufriendo. En estos partidos, cuando errás tantos goles lo terminás empatando. Es la ley del fútbol. Es un paso muy importante el que dimos. Aunque hay que mejorar en un montón de cosas para crecer como equipo y llegar al séptimo partido. Estamos en un Mundial, donde todo pasa como un Fórmula 1. Si errás, te vas. Ganamos un partido valiosísimo y estamos en el buen camino, pero no podemos perdonar más en el arco de enfrente.

Maradona with Juan Sebastian Veron
Maradona greets Juan Sebastian Veron

“Today they let us off the hook. We suffered in the end. In these games, when you miss so many goals you end up with a draw. It’s the law of football. It is an important step that we took. Even if there are a pile of things to improve to grow as a team and arrive at the final game. We are in a World Cup where everything goes by like in Formula 1. If you make a mistake, you pay. We won a valuable game and we are on the right road. But we can’t leave more chances in the opponent’s box.”

Spanish source: Clarin de Buenos Aires, June 12, 2010.


Vincent Enyeama was massive in goal for the Nigerians
Vincent Enyeama was massive in goal for the Nigerians

Messi on Enyeama

“El arquero estuvo un fenómeno. Lo importante es que creamos las ocasiones. Estamos muy bien, terminamos perfectos, contentos.”

“The goalkeeper was phenomenal. The important thing is that we created chances. We are fine and ended the game perfect and content.”

 Leo Messi takes on Haruna Lukman
Leo Messi takes on Haruna Lukman

Juan Veron on Messi’s Performance

Hizo un partido extraordinario. Hizo jugar al equipo, creó situaciones, le faltó el gol. Tuvo una tarde increíble. Estoy contento porque él se merecía este tipo de partidos.”

“He had an extraordinary match. He made the team play and created opportunities. He only lacked a goal. He had an incredible afternoon. I am glad because he deserved this type of game.”

Javier Mascherano

El resultado terminó siendo mentiroso. Hay tiempo para seguir mejorando cosas. Contento por como vamos.

“The result ended being deceptive. There is time to continue making things better. I am pleased for how we are doing.”


Gabriel Heinze scores on a spectacular header from a corner kick
Gabriel Heinze scores on a spectacular header from a corner kick

Carlos Tevez

Pudimos meter el cabezazo y después erramos muchos goles. A lo último teníamos miedo, porque en el contraataque podíamos perder los puntos. Es muy importante que el equipo gane. Ahora a descansar y después veremos como enfrentamos a Corea.

“We were able to score on the header and after we didn’t finish many goal-scoring chances. At the end, we had fear because on the counterattack, we could drop points. It is very important for the team to win. Now we can rest and later we will see how to take on South Korea.”

Spanish source: Clarin de Buenos Aires, June 12, 2010.

Steve Amoia is a freelance writer, editor and translator from Washington, D.C. He writes the World Football Commentaries blog. He has written for AC Cugini Scuola Calcio (Italian soccer school), Football Media, Keeper Skool and Soccerlens.

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