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How to Know If You’re A Passionate Football Fan



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A passionate football fan can stand out from the crowd supporting any team.

Whether your club has been passed down from your father, your grandfather or even greater distant generations, or whether you went against family traditions when selecting your club, you can have a great desire for your team.

Most of us develop a love of football from a young age, and in the early days we select our favourite team. Whether that’s through our family or not. At an early age this teaches us loyalty.

Not every one of us is as passionate as the other. The game has its social fans too; those who support a certain team out of convenience – perhaps they tag along with friends to the local game, want to fit in with the group, or support the team because it’s a popular thing to do in your crowd.

Regardless of how you selected your team, they remain in your heart for the rest of your life. They also play a massive role in your life.

On the football field, teams and players thrive off the audience’s involvement. The more you love your team, the greater the thrill it is to see them win. And likewise, the greater the disappointment when they lose.

Are you passionate about your club? Here’s our check-list to see how you rank:

1) Attendance

It’s one thing to know the history and the fixture list of the club, but this counts for nothing if you’re not there in attendance. The most important rule to becoming a passionate football fan is to attend all the games. Home and away. Pre-season friendlies too. Nothing beats the atmosphere inside a football stadium. Great fans make a lot of noise in both triumph and disaster – don’t be afraid to keep chanting even when your team is 3-0 down. The atmosphere is all part of being a football fan and what makes the game that extra little bit special.

2) Participation

To be a passionate football fan it requires living the inexperience. It’s not just about being a spectator but to be a participant. Not only will you want to attend every game, but you need to engage emotionally in the team. This can be done by attending away games, trying to out-sing the greater home support, attending them through rain or shine whether your team is doing well or not.

3) Rituals

Pre-match and post-match rituals are another important part of becoming part of the family. From meeting up with other dedicated fans before and after the game, or orchestrating a large flag inside the stadium. You may even wear the same ‘lucky’ shirt during a winning streak, or follow the same routine to every home game.

Rehearsed songs that generate the emotionally-charged atmosphere in football is unparalleled in any other sport. To be amongst this as a football fan is a great feeling that should be truly savoured.

4) Favourite Players

Have a favourite player or two. Be passionate about them when you are discussing the team and the performance. This can be players past and present – don’t be afraid to where your old shirts with retired players or those that have moved on (unless they joined your rivals of course). Then when you move onto step five you can purchase the team shirt with a name on the back.

5) Merchandise

It’s one thing to have the club’s shirt in your locker. A passionate fan goes much further than that. The shirt will contain their favourite players’ name on the back. They will also own at least one scarf and some other merchandise from the club shop. This could be badges, a jacket, a teddy bear etc. A passionate football fan’s bedroom is often full of club memorabilia. But, no need to blow all you’re saving on the collection as VoucherBin UK will provide you best deals on them.”

The ultimate is a tattoo of your club. No fan could deny your passion for the club when you have reach this stage.

6) Know the Fixtures

As well as being able to plan your time around your football team, and making sure you get tickets to the popular matches, it’s a given that you must know your team’s fixtures like the back of your hand. As well as being in a better position to make predictions, you’ll be showing off your loyalty to be able to tell friends and strangers alike when you’re facing their team or who your next away game is against.

7) Know Your History

It’s not only Liverpool fans who care about the history of their team, even if they shout about it the loudest. The first thing you must do on your way the becoming the club’s ultimate fan is to get to know their history. This is often obtained as a child, looking through history books, or for the kids of today – the internet. When were your club’s best years? When were their worst? What records do they hold today? Who are the club’s all-time appearance maker and leading goalscorer? Did they play at a different stadium previously? Etc. etc.

Perhaps your club doesn’t have a history of silverware. That makes it even more important to know their history, so that you have something to talk about. The importance of knowing the clubs traditions and rivalries is important for any club too.

Feel like you’re the ultimate football fan now? Or do you still have work to do? We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and have persuaded you to buy that history book on your team that you’ve been longing to for some time…