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Jose Mourinho: The Special One in Social Media beats Star Wars Craze



The termination by ‘mutual consent’ of Jose Mourinho by Chelsea stirred a storm in the footballing circles on Thursday afternoon.

Conventional and social media were abuzz with clicks and hits on the latest Mourinho update. But what was unimaginable was that Mourinho would surge to the number one spot on search topics on Google and Twitter.

Image courtesy: ESPN
Image courtesy: ESPN

With the latest Star Wars movie – “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” set to open, it was expected that the movie would dominate Google searches.

However, during a short span of 25 minutes the search string “Mourinho” topple “Star Wars” as the most searched topic on Google.

Cue Twitter, and there too the Special One pipped the hashtag #StarWarsTheForceAwakens as the most trending topic.

Although it was a brief moment of Mourinho topping some league tables of late, it bears testimony to his immense popularity. Polarizing the Special One might be, but the Social Media forces were on his side on an otherwise bad day.