Is it time Arsenal Fans Grew Up?

Every time this current batch of the Arsenal team goes on to lose or draw a game from a winning position, pundits are quick to jump on the case citing a lack of maturity. How these players are not experienced enough to hold on to the lead. How their tender years have allowed the game to slip their grasp. The Arsenal fans are more than gullible enough to buy the hype up from these pundits whose only job it seems is to wind up the fans.

With the January transfer window approaching, it is no doubt the likes of Alan Hansen, Gary Linekar, Martin Samuel etc will once again be paid overtime to churn out articles on why Arsenal will not win the Premier League due to their lack of depth. That Arsenal needs to buy in order for them to compete and other nonsense that they can come up with. It is high time Arsenal fans stop buying up the inflated hype covered materials from these doom merchants and trust their manager, Arsene Wenger. In short, it is high time Arsenal fans stopped crying and grew up.

For the best part of the twelve years that I have followed Arsenal, I have witnessed incredible highs (The Invincibles, The Third Double) and stupendous lows (Champions League Final, UEFA Cup Final). My earliest and to date most grievous disappointment would be the loss on penalties to Galatasary in the UEFA Cup Final. It was the first time I had truly felt a huge sense of loss due to my chosen football team.

Seeing my disappointment, a much experienced Gooner taught me three golden rules. I do appreciate what he had taught me and every time since I always let the moments I share with Arsenal pass with a cause for optimism. I would always look forward to what the next year will bring instead of reflecting on the year that was. The golden rules were:

  1. It is ultimately the manager who will decide what is best for the team, not You.
  2. There will be many teams competing for the same trophy, and there are 101 factors that ultimately decide who wins.
  3. Come next season, the previous season will be nothing but a statistic.

Those three rules have allowed me to develop an intense passion for Arsenal Football Club but it had also, over the years, given me perspective on all things Arsenal and sometimes let me analyse the situation from an outsider view. When I see some blogs whining about why Arsene Wenger should spent money, why Arsene Wenger should buy this or that player, I privately cannot help but laugh out loud. The reason, see rule 1.

When I also see the pundits giving their “verdict” on a club’s stature, I cannot help but privately laugh out loud. The reason, see rule 2. I also enjoy a good private laugh when I see fans of clubs dwell on old glories, some fans stuck forever in 1961. The reason, see rule 3.

I, however, am deeply frustrated by the ignorance of some peoplewho refuse to analyse my beloved club from a critical perspective and thinks that their opinions are the ones to end all opinions. Their attitude is questionable. I, as a fan, cannot do more than hope for the best of my chosen club, Arsenal FC. I cannot say Arsene Wenger sign up David Villa or Lionel Messi or Lorik Cana, in some people’s cases. I understand my place, and it is definitely not to tell the club what to do. I know that even if I did, it would certainly fall on deaf ears. That is something, a majority of the Arsenal fans do not understand.

The current batch of the Arsenal squad has been labeled inexperienced and immature, even babies by some. However at such a young age to perform at such a level in front of tens of thousands of people week in week out, you need maturity that belies your tender years. Therefore maturity is something that this squad has shown in abundance. No, it is the fans that are lacking maturity. The fans are the ones that need to back the squad, back the club. Not tell it what to do, how to run itself. It is high time, the fans of this football club let go of the cradle that is the English media and Grow Up!

The author writes for Gunner Nation

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