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Frank Lampard reaffirms confidence on “fair” new fine system at Chelsea



Frank Lampard’s arrival has completely revolutionized the Chelsea set-up, with youth academy graduates getting more chances with the young coach’s knowledge of what the Blues have.

While he’s shown the tendency to be very supportive of his players, Lampard’s also remained stringent with keeping them disciplined. In a bid to maintain discipline in the squad, he’s also set up a new fine system.

The new rules coming with the system states that the players are at risk of being fined £20,000 if they are late for training.

The other rules include a £1,000 fine for phone ringing during team meetings or meals, £5,000 for not reporting an injury before 1 hour 30 minutes before training and £500 per minute for being late for team meetings.

Some have called it harsh for fining the players so much, but Lampard feels it’s only fair if the players turn up on time. Stating that he doesn’t want to be portrayed as “Mr Tough Guy”, the Chelsea boss said.

“I can understand it might sound harsh. It’s not harsh if you’re not late. It’s nothing. That’s one thing. I think we put in the discipline for one reason. My only concern when that came out was it makes me look like trying to be Mr Tough Guy. I’m not.”

He reiterated how he consulted the list with captain Cesar Azpilicueta and that he got to know the morale of the squad before implementing it.

Lampard explained, “We spoke with the players and I gave the list to Azpilicueta when we set out the fines. In fact I was asking him if there were any areas you see because I wanted to know what happened last year, whether the players were happy, were they not.

“That came into the picture as well so it’s certainly a bit of a joint effort. Maybe the numbers were chosen by myself to a degree.”, he added.

The 41-year-old also remarked how important it is for his side to be disciplined if they are to conform with his winners’ mentality and take care of each other.

He said, “I do think discipline is an important thing and I’m very happy to work with the players. I want to be successful. I expect them to look after each other on the pitch and when they train, so I expect them to respect each other in terms of turning up.”

Lampard further insisted on how he doesn’t want to be pictured as a dictator for his implementation and why discipline’s crucial for them to be successful.

He explained, “They were part of the process. I’m not here to be a dictator and make things difficult. We’re here to be successful as a football club and discipline’s part of it and I worked with them in putting it together.”

Lampard faces his toughest task this season when the Blues travel to face an under-pressure Manchester City side looking to continue their impressive form in the league.