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Ever wanted quick access to a particular football club’s information (owners, fixtures, news, etc) but had to spend 10 minutes on Google / Wikipedia before you got to it?

The Internet is a fantastic resource but it can get quite cluttered at times, and this is why we’ve created this resource for you, the football fan, to give you instant access to details about any football club in Europe (and US) that you wish to find out more about.

We’ve covered the major football clubs across UK and the top leagues in Europe, as well as soccer clubs from the MLS. We have basic financial data, links to team squads, fixtures / results, latest news, official club websites, sponsors and plenty more to come.

And this is all arranged by league, so you can compare two clubs within any league if you ever need to do so.

We’ll be adding more club-specific information as well as more clubs and leagues to this list. Have a look at the leagues and clubs below and make sure you send us feedback on how we can improve this resource.


English Premier League Clubs

English Championship Clubs

League One Clubs

League Two Clubs

Major League Soccer Clubs

Ligue 1 Clubs

La Liga Clubs

Serie A Clubs

Bundesliga Clubs

Scottish Premier League Clubs

Australian A-League Clubs Football Club Lists - League by League


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