Ferguson Proves That He Still Has It

Sir Alex Ferguson finally gave in to give a press conference ahead of Manchester United’s match with Sunderland at Old Trafford, but some journalists wish that he was still protesting.

The reporters who were in attendance at Carrington witnessed first-hand that the United manager is still very willing and able to unleash one his famous hairdryer lectures as he directed his disappointment towards all of them.

As some of these fib-telling newshounds scampered to take up the seats closest to the podium for this long-awaited press conference, they were treated to a good-old, 47-second rollicking by the United manager for bending his words to sell their stories.

The almost-expected, jaw-dropping telling-off, which can be seen on The Republik of Mancunia, will go a long way to make sure that there are not anymore fabricate articles published about Ferguson’s comments.

The video, which has become an instant classic amongst the United fans, will probably not be shown on any of the “dailies,” as Sir Alex called them, websites, because of the real lamb-basting he gave to each and every single one of them.

No one in their right mind, United fan or not, can really fault Sir Alex for his fit of fury, either.

Ferguson Proves That He Still Has It

Let’s face it, the media, which has a very healthy ABU mentality, has always made a real mess of some of his comments – twisting and turning them to sell a paper or gaining publicity for themselves.

However, the Gaffer brought all of those self-centered business plans to a screeching halt, and the tension at Carrington could have been cut with a knife.

After Sir Alex delivered his scolding rant to all of the word slingers, most of them were doing their best to get their fingers to stop shaking, and to regain their confidence back to continue with the press conference.

The United manager has never been one to ever sit back and let anyone gain the upper hand – especially one the newspaper boys – so really it was only a matter of time before these self-absorbed dullards got what they deserve.

Truth be told, these papers need Sir Alex, and not the other way around, so if they do not respect his reasonable demands then they will be faced with the same fate that another news organization has come to grips with.

Everyone knows that these gossip tabloids, which we all read, have always pulled out all of the stops to print something negative about United, however, they will become blacklisted like Ferguson has done to the BBC.

Like he has done so many times before, Ferguson not only stood up for himself and United as a club, but he also went to bat for its supporters as well.

Not that any of us need someone to stick up for us, but it always nice when the club’s biggest supporter, which Sir Alex definitely is, says, “Enough is enough,” to all the demeaning, anti-United behavior in every single newspaper.

These infuriating pieces of commentary about Sir Alex and United are usually filled with lies as they attempt to stir up a conversation on their website, which, ultimately, leads to more revenue for the paper and the certain author.

The back pages have always been filled with biased columns from the likes of either Piers Morgan, who has thankfully left the football world to take on more mindless twits like himself in the politics, or The Sun’s Steven Howard who also does not have a problem bashing United at any chance he gets.

It comes down to one simple fact that, which both of these two well-established journos know, and that is; a controversial article about United will sell their copy of their respective publication.

Everyone, who does not live under a rock, knows that there is a love-hate obsession with United in the football world, and it is the hater’s jealousy that makes United most talked about club on the planet.

However, there is a saying, “there is no such thing as bad publicity,” but that does not stand true with United, which is simply because the club is already one of the best supported in the world.

Sir Alex is a very intelligent man, to say the least, so it should come as know surprise that his emotional-filled sound off came at such a critical period in United’s season.

The Manchester United needs each and every single one of his players to be fully focused on what is becoming one of the most hotly-contested Barclays Premier League title race in history, so Sir Alex Ferguson smartly squashed all of the manufactured rumblings in and around the media.

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